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Diasporic Rastafarianism
- Rastafarian Religion [site]
- World Wide Web on Rastafarianism [site]
- Rastafari Ring [site]
- Nyahbinghi Fyah [site]
- Dread History: The African Diaspora,... [site]
- Rastas-Home [site]
- Rasta Food [site]
- One Drop Books [site]
- One Love Press [site]

Diasporic Vodou, Vodun, Voodoo
- The Vodou Forum [site]
- Temple of Yehwe Home Page [site]
- Vodou Across the Water [site]
- Profile of a Belief System -- Vodoun... [site]
- The New Orleans Voodoo Foundation... [site]
- Dahomean Vodoun [site]
- Tristatevodou [site]
- The Vodou Page [site]
- Remembering Sedley C. Antoine [site]
- BBC h2g2 - An Introduction to Vodou:... [site]
- Vodun (a.k.a. Voodoo) and Related Re... [site]
- Carrefour [site]
- Arealvoodooclub [site]
- Haitian Vodou: Serving the Spirits... [site]
- [site]
- Wikipedia - Voodoo [site]

Diasporic Products and Services
- African Ritual Voodoo Magic Spells... [site]
- All Black Magick [site]
- Mobetta Voodoo [site]
- Mami Wata - Vodoun Healing Services... [site]
- Lucky Mojo Curio Co. [site]
- Haunted New Orleans Tours [site]
- Odetumbi Gbogbo Ewe Orisa [site]
- Dr. Kioni, Spiritual Doctor, Gifted ... [site]

Diasporic Lucumi, Ocha, Santeria
- Lydia Cabrera Papers [site]
- Yemojas page [site]
- African New World Soap Making Recipe... [site]
- Orisha [site]

Diasporic Haile Selassie
- Dreadi - Ways of Rastafari [site]

- The African Experience of God throug... [site]
- The Ga Homowo Festival by A.B. Quart... [site]
- West African Dahomean Vodoun [site]

Diasporic Hoodoo, Rootwork, Conjure, Obeah
- Psychic Phenomena of Jamaica by Jose... [site]
- Rethinking the Nature and Tasks of A... [site]
- Hoodoo in Theory and Practice [site]
- Luck-Balls; Hoodoo History [site]
- Superstitions & Folklore of the ... [site]
- Index of 19th Century Southern Texts... [site]
- Hoodoo: An Afro-Diaspora Tradition... [site]
- Drums and Shadows by Mary Granger an... [site]

Diasporic Ifa, Babalawo
- Ifa Foundation of North America [site]
- African Religions and Their Derivati... [site]

- Organization of African Traditional ... [site]

Diasporic Palo, Congo, Inkisi

Diasporic Umbanda
- Umbanda, an African-Brazilian Religi... [site]
- Umbanda [site]

Diasporic Anago Yoruba

Diasporic Shango Baptist
- Born Again In Living Waters by Kim J... [site]

Diasporic Akan
- Asomdwee Fie [site]

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