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Cryptozoology Unknown Primates Bigfoot Humor
- The Republic of Cascadia: Bureau of ... [site]

Earth Lights
- The Brown Mountain Lights [site]
- Project Hessdalen [site]
- Peakland spooklights [site]
- Geophysical Meteors [site]
- Experiments on Brown Mountain [site]

Geology, Alternative Velikovsky, Immanuel
- Skeptic's Dictionary: Worlds in Coll... [site]
- Velikovsky Still Colliding [site]

Geology, Alternative
- Shock Dynamics [site]
- Poleshifts [site]
- Geoscience Research Institute: Expan... [site]
- Coming to Light [site]
- Catastrophic Theory of Mountain Upli... [site]
- Aeon - A Journal of Myth & Science... [site]

Flat Earth
- BBC News: Do they really think the e... [site]

Cryptozoology Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters Champ of Lake Champ
- What Lies in the Depths of Lake Cham... [site]
- About: Champ - Lake Champlain Monste... [site]
- Wikipedia - Champ [site]

Cryptozoology Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters
- Sea-Monster or Shark [site]
- Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters [site]

Cryptozoology Organizations

Cryptozoology Mothman
- Ghosts of the Prairie: Mothman [site]
- Blather Archives: A Mothman Retrospe... [site]

Cryptozoology Living Dinosaurs
- Live Dragons of Today [site]
- High Strangeness: Was a Mokele-mbemb... [site]
- Giant Elephants In Nepal [site]

Cryptozoology Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters The Loch Ness Monst
- Loch Ness Information Site [site]
- The Loch Ness and Morar Project [site]
- Scotsman: Loch Ness [site]
- Nessie's Grotto [site]
- Loch Ness Monster: The Scottish lege... [site]
- Loch Ness Monster [site]

Cryptozoology Unknown Primates Bigfoot
- The Ohio / Pennsylvania Bigfoot Rese... [site]
- The Bigfoot Research Network [site]
- TexLa Cryptozoological Research Grou... [site]
- Texas Bigfoot [site]
- Sasquatch and Native Americans [site]
- Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society [site]
- Oregon Bigfoot [site]
- North American Bigfoot [site]
- New Jersey Bigfoot Reporting Center... [site]
- Michigan Bigfoot Information Center... [site]
- Mad River Sasquatch Study [site]
- Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organiza... [site]
- Bluenorth Research [site]
- Bigfoot in New York? [site]
- Bigfoot Field Researchers Organizati... [site]
- Bigfoot Encounters [site]
- Bigfoot Chronicles [site]
- Bigfoot Ballyhoo [site]
- Bigfoot at 50 [site]
- Bigfoot ABCs [site]
- Bigfoot [site]

Cryptozoology Unknown Primates
- Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People... [site]
- Migo of Bhutan [site]
- Bigfoot Forums [site]

Cryptozoology Thunderbird
- Evidence of the Giant Birds [site]

The Philadelphia Experiment
- Deathbed Statement [site]
- Al Bielek Debunked [site]
- Eldridge crew amused by Philadelphia... [site]
- Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers De... [site]
- Philadelphia Experiment Facts and Fi... [site]
- The UnMuseum [site]
- The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z... [site]
- The Philadelphia Experiment [site]


Spontaneous Human Combustion
- CSI Skeptical Inquirer: Not-So-Spont... [site]

- TAP-TEN Research [site]
- Princeton Engineering Anomalies Rese... [site]

Weather Control
- Natural Disasters [site]

Voynich Manuscript Research
- Thoughts about the Voynich Manuscrip... [site]
- Philip Neal's Voynich Page [site]

Voynich Manuscript Opposing Views
- The Voynich Manuscript Solved [site]
- Scientific American: The Mystery of ... [site]

Voynich Manuscript
- Wikipedia: Voynich Manuscript [site]
- Voynich Manuscript Mailing List [site]
- Voynich Central [site]
- History of Voynich Manuscript [site]

Personal Pages
- Wonderful Articles & Profound Images... [site]
- Unlived [site]
- Theories by Charles E. Weber [site]
- Prediction Science and the Next 60,0... [site]
- Page of Physics, Economy and New Ene... [site]
- Mind Uploading [site]
- Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam... [site]
- Aenigmatis [site]

Orgone Energy Orgone Generators, Orgonite and Radionics
- [site]
- Bio Energy Corporation [site]
- Whale Directory [site]

Orgone Energy
- Wikipedia: Orgone [site]
- Skeptic's Dictionary: Orgone Energy... [site]
- Orgone Energy According to Wilhelm R... [site]
- Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius... [site]

Magazines and E-zines
- ViewZone [site]
- The Anomalist [site]
- Science Frontiers Digest of Scientif... [site]
- Atlantis Rising Magazine [site]

Historical Anomalies and Revisionism Afrocentrist Models
- NPR Talk of the Nation - Afrocentris... [site]

Orgone Energy Orgone Generators, Orgonite and Radionics Chats an
- Cloudbusters Yahoo Group [site]
- Yahoo! Groups : orgongalaxy [site]

Orgone Energy Traditional Orgonomy
- Wilhelm Reich and Orgone WebRing [site]
- The American College of Orgonomy [site]
- Radionics Research Institute [site]
- OrgonWeb [site]
- Orgonics [site]
- Galactic Research Exchange [site]

Orgone Energy Orgone Generators, Orgonite and Radionics Vendors
- White Magic Way [site]
- Quebec Orgone [site]
- Myth n Lynx [site]
- Lotus Connections Pty Ltd [site]
- Hyperspace Communications and Techno... [site]
- CT-Busters [site]

Historical Anomalies and Revisionism

Astronomy, Alternative
- Astronomical Enigma [site]
- Archaeoastronomy Home [site]
- Considerations on the True Structure... [site]
- Modelling the Capture Theory for the... [site]
- Planet X, Hercolubus or Nibiru [site]
- Vulcan, Comets and the Impending Cat... [site]
- The Universe Does Not Expand [site]
- The Grant Chronicles [site]
- The Earth Is Not Moving [site]
- Scientific Scenario of a Comet's Imp... [site]

Anomalous Sounds
- Unexplained Sounds [site]
- The Hum [site]
- The Guns of Barisal and Anomalous So... [site]
- Taos Hum Page [site]
- Hum Forum [site]

Anomalous People
- Weird Science: Electric People [site]
- The Charlotte King Effect [site]
- Orffyreus and his Perpetual Motion M... [site]
- Mysterious People [site]

Astronomy, Alternative Cosmology
- Cosmology Without Big Bang [site]
- Cosmic Repulsion [site]
- Cosmic Concerns [site]
- Center of the Universe Publishing... [site]
- Big Bang or Big Illusion? [site]
- An Alternative View of the Universe ... [site]
- Alternative Cosmology Group [site]
- A Thesis on the Structure of the Uni... [site]
- A New Model of the Universe [site]
- A Contradiction in the Theory of Uni... [site]
- David Calder Hardy [site]
- The Well-Balanced Universe [site]
- The Universe and Us [site]
- The Photon-Nonphoton Universe [site]
- The Collapsing Universe [site]
- The Cause of the Cosmological Red Sh... [site]
- Science, Metaphysics, and Reductioni... [site]
- PQR Theory: Pythagorean Quantum Rela... [site]
- Photon Gravity Hypothesis [site]
- Observational Evidences Against Big-... [site]
Astronomy, Alternative Cosmology (part 2)
- My Theory of Creation Plus the Meani... [site]
- Living Universe [site]
- How the Universe is Built [site]
- Fractal Cosmology [site]
- Exploding the Big Bang Theory [site]
- Everything Forever [site]
- Theory of Reciprocity [site]
- Electric Cosmos [site]

Anomalous Objects
- Truth 2 [site]
- November 2001, Bulgaria - An Unident... [site]
- Perceptions [site]
- Perceptions [site]
- Numeric Structures of the Genetic Co... [site]
- Native Future [site]
- Is Native DNA A Helix? [site]
- Investigation of the Correctness of ... [site]
- Interspecies Communication [site]
- Ingeneza [site]
- [site]
- Earthfiles [site]
- Dreamland [site]
- Area51.Org [site]
- Alternative Perspectives [site]
- Alchemical Garden at the Edge of Tim... [site]
- Quintessence of the Loon [site]
- Rupert Sheldrake On-Line [site]
- Space Technology [site]
- The Science of Superstitions [site]
- The Living Cosmos [site]
- The Interactive On-line Encyclopaedi... [site]

Alchemy Chats and Forums
- Alchemy Lab [site]
- Alchemy ( [site]

- The History of Alchemy [site]
- The Alchemy Web Site [site]
- Skeptic's Dictionary: Alchemy [site]
- Salamander and Sons [site]
- Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philos... [site]
- Alchemy & Hermeticism [site]
- Alchemy [site]
- Ages of Alchemy [site]

Aerial Anomalies Flying Rods

Cryptozoology Jersey Devil
- The Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens... [site]
- The Jersey Devil [site]

- Strange Ark [site]
- Monsters and Myths [site]
- DevilMonkeys [site]
- Culture Jammer's Encyclopedia: Crypt... [site]
- [site]
- Cryptozoology [site]
- Crypto-Blog [site]
- Celedriel's Realm [site]
- The Cryptid Zoo [site]
- The Cryptozoology Web Ring [site]*
- The Lord Geekington: Cryptozoology... [site]
- Virtual Institute of Cryptozoology... [site]
- Unknown Creatures [site]
- The Shadowlands [site]
- The People Behind Cryptozoology [site]

Cryptozoology Globsters and Carcasses
- StrangeMag: Globsters [site]

Cryptozoology Chupacabra
- Chupacabra: The Goat Sucker [site]*

Cryptozoology Big Cats UK
- The Natural History Museum -- The Be... [site]
- Rutland and Leicestershire Panther W... [site]
- Dorset Big Cats Register [site]
- Big Cat Monitors [site]

Cryptozoology Big Cats
- Phantom Panthers and Big Cats of Ill... [site]

Astronomy, Alternative Planetary Anomalies
- Mars Artifacts [site]
- Mars: Evidence of Life and Past Civi... [site]

Criticism of Darwinism
- Why I Disbelieve Evolution [site]
- When Pseudoscience Meets Honest Scie... [site]
- The True.Origin Archive [site]
- The Biotic Message [site]
- Quantum Evolution [site]
- Mr. Darwin Misread Miss Peacock's Mi... [site]
- Michael Cremo and Forbidden Archeolo... [site]
- Life as Circulation of Energy [site]
- Icons of Anti-Evolution [site]
- Human Evolution based on Female Sexu... [site]
- Expelled Exposed [site]
- Creation Truths: Evolution Loses its... [site]
- Cosmos and Gaia: Foundations for a N... [site]

- Intelligent Design Theory: Why it Ma... [site]
- Evolving Design [site]
- Access Research Network [site]

Chats and Forums
- Unsolved Mysteries and the Hidden Hi... [site]

Astronomy, Alternative Sirius and the Dogon
- The Sirius Mystery [site]
- Sirius Matters [site]

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