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United States
- Harvard University, Cambridge [site]
- Tulane University Department of Anth... [site]
- Howard University, Washington DC [site]
- Florida State University, Tallahasse... [site]
- Cornell University, Ithaca [site]
- University of Denver - Department of... [site]
- University of Cincinnati: Department... [site]
- Purdue University [site]
- Baylor University, Waco - Institute ... [site]
- Syracuse University [site]
- Stanford Archaeology Center [site]
- University of Alabama: Tuscaloosa, ... [site]
- University of California, Los Angele... [site]
- Indiana University - MATRIX Course L... [site]
- University of Wisconsin -La Crosse... [site]
- Warren Wilson College, Asheville [site]
- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee... [site]
- University of Oklahoma, Norman [site]
- University of North Carolina, Greens... [site]
- Washington University, St. Louis [site]
- Western Michigan University, Kalamaz... [site]
- University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon... [site]
- University of Montana, Missoula [site]
- University of Minnesota, Minneapolis... [site]
- State University of New York, Albany... [site]
- Texas A&M, College Station [site]
- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor... [site]
- University of Cincinnati: Department... [site]
- University of Hawaii, Manoa [site]
- University of Iowa, Iowa City [site]
- University of Massachusetts, Boston ... [site]
- Yale University, New Haven [site]
- Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson... [site]
- Boston University [site]
- Brooklyn College [site]
- Brown University, Providence [site]
- Drew University, Madison [site]
- Lycoming College, Williamsport [site]
- Michigan Technological University, H... [site]

United Kingdom
- University of Birmingham [site]
- University of Wales, Lampeter [site]
- Institute of Archaeology, University... [site]
- King Alfreds College, Winchester [site]
- University of Southampton [site]
- Queens University, Belfast [site]
- University of Newcastle Upon Tyne,... [site]
- School of Oriental and African Studi... [site]
- University of Manchester [site]
- Durham University Department of Arch... [site]
- Bristol University - Archaeology and... [site]
- University of Sheffield [site]
- Centre for the Archaeology of Human ... [site]
- University of Nottingham [site]
- University of Reading [site]
- University of Wales College, Newport... [site]
- University of Wales, Bangor [site]
- University of York [site]
- Wetland Archaeology and Environments... [site]
- Which University? [site]
- Archaeology at Oxford University [site]
- McDonald Institute for Archaeologica... [site]
- Bournemouth University - The School ... [site]
- Subject Centre for History, Classics... [site]
- Birkbeck College, University of Lond... [site]
- University of Bradford [site]
- University of Bristol [site]
- University of Cambridge [site]
- University of Edinburgh [site]
- University of Exeter [site]
- University of Glasgow [site]
- University of Leicester [site]
- University of Liverpool [site]

United States Laboratories and Research Centers
- Institute of Human Origins [site]
- Amber Research Lab at Vassar [site]
- Antonio J. Waring, Jr. Archaeologica... [site]
- Archaeometry Laboratory at MURR [site]
- Center for the Study of Architecture... [site]
- Cotsen Institute of Archaeology [site]
- Amerind Foundation Museum and Archae... [site]
- Archaeological Research Institute... [site]
- Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeolog... [site]
- Public Archaeology Facility (PAF)... [site]
- Syracuse University Archaeological R... [site]
- Texas Archeological Research Laborat... [site]
- The Oriental Institute [site]
- Center for the Study of the First Am... [site]

- University of New England [site]
- Western New South Wales Archaeology ... [site]
- John Cook University [site]
- LaTrobe University Archaeology Depar... [site]
- University of Adelaide [site]
- University of Melbourne [site]
- University of Queensland [site]
- University of Sydney [site]
- University of Western Australia [site]
- Flinders University [site]
- Australia National University [site]

- University of Winnipeg - Anthropolog... [site]
- University of Lethbridge [site]
- Siman Fraser University - Burnaby, B... [site]
- University of Western Ontario, Londo... [site]
- University of Saskatchewan [site]
- University of Toronto [site]
- Department of Anthropology - Univers... [site]
- McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontar... [site]
- Memorial University: St. Johns, Newf... [site]
- Trent University, Peterborough [site]
- University of Alberta [site]

Ancient Egypt
- Brown University: Department of Egyp... [site]
- University of California, Los Angele... [site]
- Uruguayan Institute of Egyptology... [site]
- Ancient History Department- Macquari... [site]
- Department of Classics and Ancient H... [site]
- The Institute of Egyptian Art and Ar... [site]
- University of Toronto [site]
- University Goettingen - Department o... [site]
- The Sussex College of Egyptology [site]

- Institute of Greek & Roman Antiq... [site]
- Netherlands Institute in Athens [site]
- Center for Hellenic Studies [site]
- Sheffield Centre for Aegean Archaeol... [site]
- Laboratory of Archaeometry at N.C.S.... [site]
- American School of Classical Studies... [site]
- The British School at Athens [site]

- Uppsala University [site]
- Uppsala University [site]
- Umeå University [site]
- Lund University: Lund [site]
- Göteborg University: Göteborg [site]

Distance Learning
- New Curiosity Shop [site]
- University of Leicester: School of A... [site]
- Archaeological Texts [site]
- College on the Net [site]

South Africa
- University Cape Town [site]
- University of the Witwatersrand [site]
- University of Pretoria: Hatfield, Pr... [site]
- Stellenbosch University, Matieland... [site]

- University of Madras, Chepauk [site]
- Gulbarga University, Gulbarga [site]

Australia Laboratories and Research Centers
- Australian National Centre of Excell... [site]
- Virtual Institute for Spatial Techno... [site]
- University of Queensland Archaeologi... [site]
- Guide to Graduate Schools in Archaeo... [site]
- Archaeology on the Net- Academic Pro... [site]

- Middle East Technical University, An... [site]
- Bilkent University: Dept. of Archaeo... [site]

- University of Konstantine Philosophe... [site]
- University of Trnava [site]

South Korea
- Chungbuk National University - Depar... [site]
- Dongguk University: Seoul [site]
- Chungnam National University: Daejeo... [site]

- Institute of Cypriot Studies [site]
- Cyprus American Archaeological Resea... [site]
- University of Cyprus Archaeological ... [site]

- Mutah University, Karak [site]
- University of Jordan: Amman [site]
- Yarmouk University [site]

- Okayama University [site]
- University Museum, Tokyo [site]

- University College, Cork [site]
- National University of Ireland, Galw... [site]
- National University College, Dublin... [site]

- Ghent University: Gent, Belgium [site]

- Leiden University [site]

- Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv [site]
- Institute of Archaeology - Hebrew Un... [site]

- Institute of Prehistory [site]

- University of Malta, Msida [site]

- American Academy in Rome [site]

- Berlin Free University [site]

New Zealand
- University of Otago [site]

- René Ginouvès Institute for Archaeol... [site]

Czech Republic
- Masaryk University: Brno [site]

- University of Geneva: Geneva, Switze... [site]

- Vilnius University, Vilnius [site]

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