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- The Daily Grail [site]
- How to survive 2012? [site]
- The Talk.Origins Archive: Catastroph... [site]
- The Noise Room [site]
- Archaeological Cover-ups [site]
- The Great Pyramid and the Bible [site]
- Mysterious Earth [site]
- Satellite Discoveries [site]
- Ancient Mysteries [site]
- Easter Island [site]
- Dougs Archaeology Site: Skeptical vi... [site]
- Analyzing the Vinland Map [site]
- 2012 [site]
- Mysteries of Ancient History and Arc... [site]
- Mid-Atlantic Geomancy [site]
- Earthlore Explorations [site]
- Polynesian Pathways [site]
- Places of Peace and Power [site]
- Pharoah Hercules [site]
- Mathematical Methods of the Historic... [site]
- Mystic Places [site]
- Blekinges Most Ancient Runic Inscrip... [site]
- Mysterious Places [site]
- Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI R... [site]
- Archaeological Forgeries [site]
- MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crus... [site]
- Indo-European Origins and Geography... [site]
- Calculated Dates for the Constructio... [site]
- MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532... [site]
- Mysteries of History Solved! Phaisto... [site]
- Edo Nylands Linguistic Archaeology... [site]
- Earth Mysteries [site]
- The Amazons of Lemnos [site]
- The Sacred Landscape [site]
- Science Frontiers Digest of Scientif... [site]
- Paleolithic Art Magazine [site]
- Aspects of the Ancient Past [site]
- Farshores Ancient Dimensions [site]
- Sussex Archaeology and Folklore [site]
- The Signposts Perspectives: 700 Mill... [site]
- World Mysteries [site]
- Stone Coins Tools and Weapons Discov... [site]
- Mythologys MythingLinks: Land: Sacra... [site]
- LexiLine [site]
- Museum of Unnatural Mystery [site]
- So, Pyramids, or Something Else? [site]

Lost Civilizations Atlantis
- Galactic Encounters, Apollo Objects ... [site]
- History of Atlantis: Descendants of ... [site]
- Scott Stones Explorers and Research ... [site]
- The Antediluvian Worldwide Language ... [site]
- The Sunken Kingdom: The Atlantis Mys... [site]
- Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finall... [site]
- Historic Atlantis in Bolivia [site]
- The Lost Continent of Atlantis [site]
- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis [site]
- Quest for Atlantis [site]
- Atlantis Revealed [site]
- Atlantis and Noahs Flood [site]
- Atlantis in the Caribbean [site]
- Sacred-Texts: Atlantis [site]
- World Mysteries - Atlantis [site]
- Team Atlantis [site]
- When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atla... [site]
- A.R.E. Ancient Civilizations, Atlant... [site]
- Atlanticas [site]
- Discovery of Atlantis [site]
- Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggera... [site]
- Atlantis [site]
- Atlantis History [site]
- Atlantis or Thira [site]
- Atlantis: Myth or Reality? [site]
- Bermuda Triangle Stargate [site]
- Atlantis: Timaeus and Critias [site]
- Atlantis: A Lost Lybio-Phoenician Em... [site]
- Atlantide Home [site]
- An easy guide to Atlantis [site]

- The Genesis Site [site]
- The Nebra Sky Disc [site]
- An Easy Guide to Myths [site]
- 2012: Appointment With Marduk [site]
- Archaeoastronomy Pages [site]
- Archaeogeodesy, a Key to Prehistory... [site]
- The Mayan Prophecies [site]
- Philip C. Steffey, Ph.D. Astronomy... [site]
- The Runic Sky [site]
- Oh My God, They Killed SOHO [site]
- Planet X and the Sumarians [site]
- Review-Essay of Mayan Prophecies [site]
- [site]
- Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI R... [site]
- Astrocrud [site]
- Erection of the Holy Cross [site]
- Angkor Wats Astronomical Basis [site]
- Sacred Sites [site]
- Ancient Astronomers [site]
- Symbolic Messengers [site]
- Adventures in Astro-Archaeology:Dan... [site]
- Archaeoastronomy in Eastern Liguria... [site]
Archaeoastronomy (part 2)
- Ring of Brodgar, Stone Circle, Orkne... [site]
- Prehistoric Northern Europe, from St... [site]
- Heliocentric System and Precession o... [site]
- Archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge Using... [site]

- Dead Sea Scrolls [site]
- The Lost Tribes of Israel [site]
- Was Mt. Sinai a Volcano? [site]
- The Mysterious Lost History of Alexa... [site]
- Biblical Events Re-Interpreted [site]
- Marks Atheist Page [site]
- Mount Sinai Has Been Found [site]
- Ancient Ark of the Covenant [site]
- We Are Not Alone [site]
- Earlier than the Noah tale [site]
- Lost Tribes of Israel [site]
- Lost Tribes Of Israel [site]
- King David Was a Nebbish [site]
- Biblical Archaeology, Search and Exp... [site]
- The Internet Archive of Civilization... [site]
- Edenics [site]
- Wyatt Archaeological Research [site]
- Mysteries of the Bible [site]
- Los Lunas Decalogue Inscription [site]
- Bible Discoveries [site]
- Ark of the Covenant in Utah? [site]
- Ancient Days, Biblical Archaeology, ... [site]

Egypt Pyramids
- Was the Great Pyramid Built in the C... [site]
- World Mysteries: The Great Pyramid... [site]
- Giza: The Truth [site]
- Great Pyramid Upper Passage [site]
- Are Pyramids Made Out of Concrete?... [site]
- Williamss Hydraulic Theory to Cheops... [site]
- Giza Pyramids - The Vanishing Point... [site]
- Great Pyramid of Giza Research Assoc... [site]
- Pharaohs Pump Foundation [site]
- The Pyramid Matrix [site]
- The Enterprise Mission - Great Pyram... [site]
- The Great Pyramid [site]
- Gizagrid [site]
- - Giza Throne Theory... [site]
- Giza: The (Half) Truth [site]
- The Secret Power Of The Pyramids [site]

- Sphinx Stargate [site]
- Mysteries of Ancient Egypt [site]
- The Labyrinth [site]
- Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles [site]
- Ancient Egyptian Ethnographic Mural... [site]
- The Modern Riddle of the Sphinx [site]
- The World Ages Archive [site]
- Rediscover Ancient Egypt [site]
- Ancient Egypt [site]
- Edgar Cayce, Clairvoyant (1877-1945)... [site]
- Ascending Passage [site]
- Ancient Metropolis Hidden Under Giza... [site]
- Thought of Egyptian Religion by Makr... [site]
- Ancient Chronology [site]
- David Rohl: New Chronology [site]

- Mystery Hill: Americas Stonehenge?... [site]
- Stones of Wonder [site]
- Mysterious Malta [site]
- The Sacred Island [site]
- The Womb of Ceridwen [site]
- Ancient Celtic New Zealand [site]
- Dolmen restorers from the future [site]
- Metalithic Grids, Blood & Cannib... [site]
- [site]
- Megaliths, An Answer to Rising Sea L... [site]
- Heathen Monuments [site]
- Earth Rod [site]
- Ancient Ireland, Unexplained Myster... [site]
- Needles Of Stone [site]
- Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms [site]
- The Geo Group [site]

Lost Civilizations
- Unknown Earth [site]
- Ancient Man-Species [site]
- Mysterious Places and the Unexplaine... [site]
- In Plain Sight [site]
- Coso Geode [site]
- Sci-Tech: Dinosaur Lost World Discov... [site]
- Lost civilizations [site]
- Quest for the Lost Civilization [site]
- MMMGroup [site]
- Hollow Planets [site]
- The Ancient Ica Stones of Dr. Cabrer... [site]
- Crystalinks: Ancient and Lost Civili... [site]
- Secrets of Easter Island - Lost Civi... [site]

South America Nazca Lines
- Nazca Lines and Ica Stones [site]
- The Nazca Monkey - Scientific Geom... [site]
- The UnMuseum - The Lines of Peru [site]
- Nazca Lines [site]
- Project Nasca/Palpa [site]
- The Mystery of the Nazca Lines [site]
- Tourists damage Nazca lines [site]
- Nazca Lines: Creation of a Full-Size... [site]
- The Enigmatic Lines of the Nazca Pam... [site]
- Survive 2012: Nazca Lines [site]
- BBC Online - The Lost City of Nasca... [site]
- Nasca Lines [site]
- World Mysteries - Nazca Lines [site]
South America Nazca Lines (part 2)
- Skeptics Dictionary: Nazca lines [site]

Planetary Grids and Ley Lines
- Vortex Maps [site]
- The Ley Hunter Journal [site]
- Earth/matriX:The Geometry of Ancient... [site]
- Geometric Relationships Along a Line... [site]
- Glasgow Network of Aligned Sites [site]
- The Chaco Meridian [site]
- Harry Bells Leyline Quest [site]

Popular Authors
- Hancock, Graham [site]
- Velikovsky, Immanuel [site]
- Wild Side of Geoarchaeology [site]
- Alford, Alan F [site]
- Cremo, Michael [site]
- In the Hall of Maat [site]
- The Official Robert Lomas Website... [site]
- Sitchin, Zecharia [site]
- Cold Atlantis [site]

Megaliths United Kingdom
- Mystical World Wide Web: Stone Circl... [site]
- Stonehenge Math [site]
- Stones of Wonder [site]
- The Stonehenge Campaign [site]
- [site]
- Stonehenge-Avebury [site]
- Britannia: Earth Mysteries [site]
- The Womb of Ceridwen [site]
- Isle of Avalon: Glastonbury Tor [site]

Archaeoastronomy Orion Theory
- Archaeoastronomy, Astrology & An... [site]
- Ancient Egyptians and the Constellat... [site]
- Atlantis Reborn Again [site]
- My Discovery of the Oldest Stone Sta... [site]
- The Truth About Orion [site]
- The Orion Zone [site]
- Orion Correlation [site]

Biblical Chronology
- Bible Timeline with Numerical Code... [site]
- The Lost Bible [site]
- California Institute for Ancient Stu... [site]
- Persian - Median Kings in the Bible... [site]
- [site]
- The Dinosaur Figurines Of Acambaro... [site]
- The Biblical Chronologist [site]
- New Chronology [site]

Biblical Noahs Ark
- Ron Wyatt, Wyatt Archaeological Rese... [site]
- The Search for Noahs Ark [site]
- Ark Discovery [site]
- Did Ron Wyatt find the Ark of the Co... [site]
- Wyatt Archaeological Research [site]
- Noahs Ark on the Web [site]
- A Review Of Ron Wyatt`s Discoveries... [site]

Ancient Contact
- Mysteries of the Ancient High Cultur... [site]
- Australian Archaeological Anomalies ... [site]
- Roman Head from Calixtlahuaca [site]
- Archaeological Outliers [site]
- Annunaki Info [site]
- Tracing Human Wanderings [site]

Egypt The Sphinx
- Enigma of the Lost Sphinx [site]
- The Celestial Sphinx [site]
- The Age of the Sphinx, by Robert Bau... [site]
- Redating the Sphinx: The Debate [site]
- Remnants of a Lost Civilization? [site]
- Response to Giza: The Truth [site]

Magazines and E-zines
- Ancient American [site]
- At the Edge [site]
- Atlantis Rising Magazine [site]
- Northern Earth [site]

North America
- A Pre-Clovis Site in Ohio? [site]
- Americas Mysterious Furnaces [site]
- Fort Mountain State Park, Georgia... [site]

South America
- The Ancient Walls: Enigma in the And... [site]
- World Mysteries: Sacsayhuaman [site]

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