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Research Centers
- Theoretical Biology and Biophysics... [site]
- Harvard Biophysics [site]
- Koch Laboratory [site]
- Institute for Medical Physics and Bi... [site]
- Living State Physics Group [site]
- Center for Biophysics and Computatio... [site]
- Cielo Institute, Inc. [site]

- Archives of Biochemistry and Biophys... [site]
- Physics in Medicine and Biology [site]
- Biophysical Journal [site]
- Archives of Biochemistry and Biophys... [site]
- Biochimica et Biophysica Acta [site]
- Annual Review of Biophysics and Biom... [site]
- Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics [site]
- Biophysical Chemistry [site]
- Progress in Biophysics & Molecul... [site]
- Quantum Biology [site]
- UIUC Chapter of Illinois Biophysics ... [site]
- International Union for Pure and App... [site]
- SPR Web Pages [site]
- Society for Mathematical Biology [site]
- Respiratory Mucociliary Structure an... [site]
- Nucleic Acid Hydration [site]
- Biological Energy Conversion [site]
- Bioelectromagnetics Society [site]
- BioMagResBank [site]
- Medical Biophysics [site]
- European Biophysical Societies Assoc... [site]
- Structural Biology Network (SBNet)... [site]
- Physiology and Biophysics [site]

Research Centers Personal Pages
- Ilya Balabin [site]

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