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Pigeons Breeders
- The Flying Pigeon Loft [site]
- Louella Pigeon World [site]
- Davids Pigeons [site]
- Mick Bassett [site]
- Russia Station [site]
- Fair Skies Loft [site]
- Parlor Rollers Performing Pigeons... [site]
- Pigeons by Rick [site]
- Melluzzos Fancy Pigeon Lofts [site]
- Tom Barnhart - Breeder, Exhibitor an... [site]
- Jorge Oliveira [site]
- Dimitri Tsalabounis KD7FMC [site]
- Magyarbegyes Galambjaim [site]
- Hollowtree Farm [site]

Pigeons Breeders
- HawkBait Lofts [site]
- Pioneer Loft [site]
- St Clair International Stud Pigeons ... [site]
- International Breeding Station [site]
- Ad Schaerlaeckens [site]
- Firmin & Bernadette Schleininger... [site]
- Sleepy Hollow Loft [site]
- Tumley Lofts Stud [site]
- Sky Lake Sions Loft [site]
- Dr. Norbert Ally [site]
- Speed Shop Loft [site]
- Sun Racing Loft [site]
- TNT LOFTS Performance plus Pedigree... [site]
- Okiejims Racing Pigeons [site]
- Oak Haven Farms ~ Peeman & Sons... [site]
- Jaap Van Mourik racing pigeons [site]
- VIP Lofts [site]
- Tom Makowecki Racing Pigeons [site]
- Des Moores Pigeon Domain [site]
- Pigeon World of Reybroeck & Zone... [site]
- Sampson Brothers Loft [site]
- Ganus Family Loft [site]
- Schaschkow long distance racing pige... [site]
- Andre Lietaer [site]

- Finch Zone [site]
- Belg Waterslagers & E Goldfinche... [site]
- Armandos Aviaries [site]
- Finches N Canaries for Sale [site]
- Daisy and Her Birds [site]
- AP Aviaries [site]
- Green Singing Finches [site]
- Big Daves Bird Website [site]
- R. & T. Aviaries [site]
- [site]
- Unique Beak Aviary [site]
- Java Finch [site]
- Timor Dusky Sparrow [site]

Parrots California
- Aves International [site]
- Anza Exotics [site]
- Country Manor II Pet Therapy [site]
- Angel Birds Aviary and Rescue [site]
- Heathers Feathers [site]
- Parrots and Props [site]
- Birds 2 Pet [site]
- Birds and More [site]
- Jeans Exotic Birds [site]
- The Cockatoo Connection [site]
- Bird Crazy [site]
- Avian Adventures Aviary [site]
- Avian Avenue [site]
- Parrotlet Nursery [site]

Parrots Budgies
- Budgie Love [site]
- Budgie Homepage [site]
- C & D Jones - [site]
- Steve Hutchings Budgies [site]
- John J. Wilson & Son [site]
- Ray Fox Budgerigars [site]
- My Budgies [site]
- Leeloo, My Budgie [site]
- Dutch Budgerigars [site]
- Colourful Little Birds [site]
- Parakeet Chick [site]
- Budgerigars for Pleasure [site]
- Mutavi Research & Advice Group... [site]

- The Bird Cage Page [site]
- Planned Parrothood [site]
- Poozleanimus [site]
- The Pet Bird Page [site]
- The Polite Parrot [site]
- The True Parrot [site]

Rescues and Shelters
- Luv Thy Bird Rescue and Adoption Ser... [site]
- Bird HotLine [site]
- The Oasis Sanctuary [site]
- Fine Feathered Friends Sanctuary [site]
- Gulf Coast Exotic Bird Sanctuary [site]
- Indiana Large Bird Rescue [site]
- North-Central Ohio Avian Rescue [site]
- Pyrenean Aerie Exotic Bird Rescue... [site]
- TLC Bird Haven [site]
- Novas A.R.C. [site]
- Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue ... [site]
- Avian Welfare Coalition [site]
- Healthipet Network Corporation [site]

Pigeons Racing
- The Pigeon Racing Page [site]
- Des Moores Pigeon Domain [site]
- Dutch Pigeon Stars [site]
- Elimar Pigeon Services [site]
- Racing Pigeon Digest [site]
- Racing Pigeon Mall [site]
- [site]
- Pigeon Racing [site]
- Double T Lofts [site]
- Combinatic Verbrec Putten [site]
- A. & F. Daelemans Racing Pigeon ... [site]
- Pigeons World Pakistan [site]
- Pigeon Racing - Goosenest Racing Pig... [site]
- Australian Pigeon Racing [site]

Parrots African Greys
- Birds-n-Ways [site]
- An African Grey [site]
- Greysworld [site]
- Ezra, the Office Parrot [site]
- Grey Play Round Table [site]
- Brodies Nest [site]
- Hobbs Home Page [site]
- My Grey Parrots [site]
- The Nkisi Project [site]
- The Story of an African Grey [site]
- Tinkerbell - a flighted CAG in Taiwa... [site]
- Its A Greys World [site]

Finches Song
- Charlies Song Birds Homepage [site]
- SummerSong Aviary [site]
- Virginia Belmonts Recordings [site]
- Richs Roller Canaries [site]
- Flying Angels Aviary [site]
- Gingers Song Canaries [site]

Parrots Rescues and Shelters
- Rescue Parrots Of The South [site]
- Feathered Family [site]
- The Parrot Rescue Centre [site]
- Maxis First Page [site]
- Feathers and Tails Avian Sanctuary a... [site]
- Companion Parrot Connection [site]
- Birdline-uk [site]
- Project Perry [site]
- Phoenix Landing [site]
- National Parrot Rescue and Preservat... [site]
- Mollywood Parrot Rescue and Sanctuar... [site]
- Parrot Station Rescue [site]
- Rescue Me, An Avian Sanctuary [site]
- The National Parrot Sanctuary [site]

Pigeons Clubs and Organizations
- Canadian Roller Club [site]
- National Pouter & Cropper Club... [site]
- United Oriental Roller Pigeon Club... [site]
- United Oriental Roller Association... [site]
- Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association... [site]
- The Alabama Pigeon Club [site]
- [site]
- Danish Tumbler Homepage [site]
- American Helmet Association [site]
- Central California Pigeon Club [site]

Parrots Parrotlets
- Parrotlets: Tiny Clowns Of The Parro... [site]
- Brouwers Parrotlets [site]
- Boesters Parrotlets [site]
- R BOOK 4 U [site]

- Cage and Aviary [site]
- Flying J Aviary [site]
- [site]
- McDonald Bird Farm [site]
- Singing Wings Aviary [site]
- Feathered Follies [site]
- Birds, Birds, Birds [site]
- Emerald Forest Bird Gardens [site]
- Feather Buddies Aviary [site]

Finches Canaries
- A Place For Canaries [site]
- House of Crests [site]
- Yorkshire Canary [site]
- Canaries By George [site]
- Australian Fife Canary [site]
- The Canary Cage [site]
- Fife Canaries by Terry Kelly [site]

Parrots Clubs and Organizations
- Clwyd Budgerigar Society [site]
- Budgerigar Society of Pakistan [site]
- Western Australian Budgerigar Counci... [site]
- Budgie Fanciers of San Diego County... [site]
- Budgerigar Societies and Clubs [site]
- Budgerigar Association of America... [site]
- Aberdeen Budgerigar Society [site]
- South West Victoria Budgerigar Socie... [site]
- Tri-State Budgerigar Society [site]
- Variegated Budgerigar Club [site]

Parrots Florida
- Birds 4 You [site]
- Bird Wholesalers [site]
- Florida Bird Ranch [site]
- Greesons Baby Parrots [site]
- Thomasriver Parrots [site]
- TJs Jungle Birds [site]
- Visual Wings [site]
- Jungle Enterprises [site]

Chats and Forums
- Beaks-UK [site]
- The Bird Board [site]
- AOL Pets - Birds Message Boards [site]
- Bird Crazy Forums [site]
- Tailfeathers [site]
- San Diego Cage Bird Club [site]
- Featherz Bird Forums Australia [site]
- Smileys Birds [site]

Pigeons Clubs and Organizations
- American Racing Pigeon Union [site]
- Ogden Racing Pigeon Club [site]
- Pigeon Club Austria South [site]
- Royal Pigeon Racing Association [site]
- Federation Colombophilie Francaise... [site]
- Grand Rapids Racing Pigeon Club [site]
- Midlands Continental Classic Flying ... [site]
- Independent Pigeon Race Results [site]

Parrots Breeders
- Eds Aviary [site]
- K&L Aviary [site]
- Cockatiel Breeder [site]
- Geoff & Jos Cockatiel Aviary [site]
- James Cockatiels [site]
- The Cockatiel Zone Aviary [site]
- Cockatiels and Love [site]
- Takoda Aviary [site]
- MSN Groups: Cockatiel Breeders [site]
- Feathers Up Aviary [site]

Parrots Texas
- Full Nest Aviary and Exotics [site]
- Finabirds [site]
- Feathered Companions Aviary [site]
- Old World Aviaries [site]
- Rockport Roost [site]
- Hill Country Aviaries [site]
- Wendys Parrots [site]

Finches Gouldian Finches
- House of Goulds [site]
- Gouldian Fever Aviary [site]
- North Texas Gouldians [site]
- Tonys Aviary [site]
- Lady Gouldian Finch [site]
- Fabulous Finch [site]
- Barry and Dawns Gouldian Finch Homep... [site]
- My Gouldian Aviary [site]
- Lady Gouldian Finch Canada [site]
- Gouldian Preservation Association... [site]

Parrots Quakers
- Quaker Parakeet WebRing [site]
- The Monk Parakeet [site]
- Quaker Island [site]
- The Quaker Pack [site]
- Alcatraz [site]
- Quaker Talk [site]
- Merlins Oz Quaker Site [site]

Parrots Personal Pages
- Hello, Baby! [site]
- Ellens Parrots [site]
- The Parrot Place [site]
- Mamabirds Nest [site]
- Judy and Jerrys Place Birdie Rooms... [site]
- The Birdie Page [site]
- Parrot Bills Bird Show [site]

Parrots Cockatiels
- Cockatiel [site]
- Cockatiels [site]
- Cockatiel Cottage [site]
- Tiel Talk Forum [site]
- The Cockatiel Cabin [site]
- For Cockatiels [site]
- Yahoo Groups: Cockatiel Heaven [site]
- The Joy of Cockatiel Bonding [site]
- MSN Groups: Cockatiel [site]

Parrots Breeders
- Bucks African Skies [site]
- LoviesCuttle Aviary [site]
- Rosebuds Lovebirds [site]
- Lovebird breeder Harry Wattel [site]
- Aloha Manu Aviary [site]
- D Lynns Luvs [site]
- Angelinas Nest Aviary [site]

Pigeons Clubs and Organizations
- National Birmingham Roller Associati... [site]
- Sydney Performing Roller Club [site]
- Las Vegas Roller Club [site]
- Inner City Roller Club [site]
- Hi Five Roller Flyers [site]
- New England Roller Association [site]

Parrots Cockatoos
- Alfie Cockatoo and Company [site]
- Hornbeam Aviary Cockatoos [site]

Parrots Canada
- Pint Sized Parrots [site]
- The Best Little Hen House [site]
- Volières Pluri-Ailes [site]
- Parrots Paradise [site]
- LGL Aviaries [site]

- Association of Avian Veterinarians... [site]
- Bird [site]
- Vogels go2 [site]
- The Parrot Pages [site]
- Parrot Talk [site]
- Bird Life Online [site]
- Bird [site]
- Feather Junction [site]

Finches Clubs and Organizations
- Melbourne Canary Improvement Society... [site]
- Belgian Posture Canary Club [site]
- Yorkshire Canary Club [site]
- British Border Fancy Canary Club [site]
- Canary Council of the United Kingdom... [site]
- Fife Fancy Federation UK [site]
- Hartz Club of America [site]
- Maryland All Canary Club [site]
- Irish Fancy Canary Society [site]
- International Canary Society [site]

Parrots Conures
- Meet the Magnificent Sun Conure [site]
- Yahoo Groups: Conure Breeders [site]
- The Green Cheek Conure [site]

Parrots Chats and Forums
- [site]
- Our Precious Parrots [site]
- All Parrots African [site]
- TooLady [site]
- Parrot Forums [site]
- Budgerigar Breeders Club, Inc . [site]

Parrots Eclectus
- Eclectus Parrots Forum [site]
- Eclectus World [site]
- Reggie the Eclectus [site]
- Pure-Bred Eclectus [site]
- Ekkiechat [site]
- Toews Parrot Place [site]
- Laurella Desboroughs Eclectus Center... [site]
- Killians Corner [site]

Parrots Lovebirds
- Abyssinian Taranta Lovebirds [site]
- Absolutely Adorable Lovebirds [site]
- Lovebirds and Their Care [site]
- Fischer?s Lovebirds [site]
- Lizs Lovebirds [site]
- Ramblings and Birdsong [site]

- Starling Talk [site]
- Chickafinchs Starlings and Critters... [site]
- Starling Talk Message Board [site]
- [site]
- Doo Dah [site]
- Davis Lund Aviaries [site]
- Stormy, For Love of A Starling [site]
- Freeko [site]

Finches Clubs and Organizations
- Northwest German Roller Canary Club... [site]
- Western Roller Canary Association... [site]
- American Singers Club [site]
- American Waterslager Society [site]

Personal Pages
- Parrot Pages [site]
- Pet Bird [site]
- Robert Stephenson aka Rupert the Fis... [site]
- AvianWeb [site]
- Cage Birds [site]

Magazines and E-zines
- Words Worth [site]
- Birdcraft [site]
- The Game Bird Gazette [site]
- BirdTalk Magazine [site]

Parrots Macaws
- Hand rearing a baby Blue and Gold Ma... [site]
- City Parrots [site]
- The Mac Cam [site]

Pigeons Birmingham Rollers
- Birdie Orricks Roller Pigeons [site]
- Rolling Fever Loft [site]
- World Cup Fly [site]
- Easley Rollers [site]

- Pigeon Land [site]
- Pigeon links [site]
- Pigeon Books [site]
- [site]
- The Pigeon Cote [site]
- Artificial Insemination for Birds... [site]

Parrots Illinois
- Feather Your Nest Aviary [site]
- Beaks Birdhouse [site]
- Judy Leachs Parrots [site]
- Parrots Perch [site]
- Billies Nest [site]

- The DovePage [site]
- Clarcksons Doves [site]

Parrots Amazons
- Popeye The Sailor Man [site]

Parrots United States
- Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association... [site]
- Michigan Bird and Game Breeders Asso... [site]

Parrots Lories and Lorikeets
- Lorikeets of Australia [site]
- [site]
- Rainbow Lorikeet [site]
- The Belgium Lory Society [site]

Pigeons Breeds
- Davis Family Lofts [site]
- Simi Valley Pigeon Lofts [site]
- Turkish Tumblers [site]
- Danish Tumbler [site]

Finches Zebras

Parrots Breeders
- Exquisite Exotics Aviary [site]
- Kinary Aviaries [site]
- The African Queen [site]

Parrots Michigan
- KB parrots [site]
- Feffies Feathers [site]
- The Cuckoos Nest [site]

Parrots Ringnecks
- Sunbird Sanctuary [site]
- American Pied Indian Ringnecks [site]
- [site]

Parrots Arizona
- Bird Finder, Inc. [site]
- Joyces Birds [site]
- Arizona Parrots [site]

Parrots Washington

Parrots Australia
- The African Lovebird and Foreign Par... [site]
- Bird Keeping in Australia [site]

Parrots Personal Pages
- Cockatiels are Cool [site]

Finches Chats and Forums
- The German Roller Fancier [site]
- The American Singer Fancier [site]
- Roller Canary Journal [site]
- United Spanish Timbrado Fanciers Inc... [site]
- The Spanish Timbrado Fancier [site]

Parrots Pionus
- Pionus Parrot [site]
- Pionus Chat [site]

Parrots United Kingdom
- Cotswold Parrots [site]
- Hand Reared Parrots [site]

Parrots Clubs and Organizations
- North American Cockatiel Society [site]
- Australian National Cockatiel Societ... [site]
- Australian National Cockatiel Societ... [site]

Parrots United States
- Out of Africa Aviaries [site]

Finches Color
- Exquisite Exotics Aviary [site]
- Kansas Canaries [site]

Parrots Poicephalus
- Poi Lovers Board [site]
- Poicephalus main page [site]
- The Jardines Parrot, Cobba [site]

Parrots Louisiana
- R and B Aviaries [site]
- T-N-T Pets [site]

Pigeons Clubs and Organizations

Parrots Oklahoma

Parrots North Carolina
- WingSpan Aviaries [site]
- Rays Aviary [site]
- Riverbank Aviary [site]

Parrots Personal Pages
- Henry the Half Moon Conure [site]

Parrots Oregon
- Shelley Baby Parrots [site]
- Heavens Heathens Aviary and Supplies... [site]

Parrots Clubs and Organizations
- World Parrot Trust [site]
- Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhib... [site]
- AVES Parrot Convention 2003 [site]

Pigeons Fantails
- Indian Fantail Reserve [site]
- Indian Fantails Maranatha Lofts [site]
- The Fantail Home Base [site]

Finches Clubs and Organizations
- The Waxbill FInch Society [site]
- Finch Fan Club [site]

Parrots Pennsylvania
- [site]
- Wind Dancer Aviary [site]
- Pretty Birds [site]

Parrots Europe
- Carrigaline Budgies and Foreign Bird... [site]

Parrots Breeders
- Sashas Feathered Friends [site]

Parrots Hawaii

- British Birds In Aviculture [site]
- Cinderford and District Cage Bird So... [site]

Parrots New York
- Dutchess Birds [site]

Parrots Georgia

United States Illinois

United States California

Parrots Europe
- Stefan Frano [site]

Parrots Oceania
- Birdman Aviaries [site]

Parrots Virginia
- DJ Feathers Aviary [site]
- CLJ Aviary [site]

Parrots Iowa

United States Texas
- Bay Area Cage Bird Club [site]

Parrots Alabama

Pigeons Events
- Europa Classic One Loft Race 2005... [site]
- Vegas Classic [site]

Parrots Missouri
- Earth Angel Aviary [site]

Parrots Breeders
- Grants Aviary [site]

Parrots Canada

Parrots Ohio
- Sundance Aviary and Pet Shop [site]

United States New York
- New York Bird Club [site]
- Catskill Exotic Bird Club [site]

Parrots Indiana

Parrots New Mexico

United States Arizona
- Arizona Aviculture Society [site]

Parrots Brotogeris

United States

Parrots Connecticut

Parrots Caiques
- Caiques Are People Too [site]
- White-Bellied Caiques [site]

Parrots United Kingdom

Parrots Tennessee
- Flock of Feathers [site]

- Avicultural Society of Australia [site]

Parrots Wisconsin
- Perched on a Pickett [site]

Parrots Idaho

Parrots Rescues and Shelters
- Gainesville Cockatiel Rescue [site]
- Cockatiel Rescue [site]

United States Florida
- Exotic Bird Club of Florida, Inc.... [site]

Parrots Minnesota
- QT Aviary [site]

- Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society... [site]

United States Michigan
- Ann Arbor Cage Bird Club [site]

Finches Chats and Forums
- Canary LIST [site]
- Canary Nest Forum [site]

Parrots New Jersey
- Aqua Oceans [site]

United States New Jersey
- Monmouth-Ocean Counties Bird Fancier... [site]

United States Pennsylvania
- Pennsylvania Avicultural Society [site]

Parrots Colorado
- Aspen Leaf Aviaries [site]

Parrots Nevada

Parrots South Dakota

Parrots North Dakota

United States North Carolina

United States Massachusetts

Parrots Oceania
- Parrot Society of NZ [site]

United States Virginia


United States Alabama

Parrots Massachusetts
- CNC Aviary [site]

United States Mississippi
- South Mississippi Cage Bird Society... [site]

United States Nebraska

Pigeons Directories

United States Ohio

United States New Hampshire
- Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Socie... [site]

United States Kansas

Parrots Kansas

Parrots Arkansas

Parrots Maryland

United States Louisiana

United States Kentucky

United States Minnesota
- Minnesota Companion Bird Association... [site]

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