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- [site]
- Blues sur Seine Festival [site]
- Binkom Blues 2004 [site]
- Tampa Bay Blues Festival [site]
- Live Music Night Klosterlangheim [site]
- NiX BBBlues Festival [site]
- Brisbane Blues Festival [site]
- The Southern BluesNight 2005 [site]
- Sarasota Blues Fest [site]
- Rogue Valley Blues Festival [site]
- Ritzville Blues Festival [site]
- Lowcountry Blues Bash [site]
- Boston Blues Festival [site]
- Blues Music Venues and Festivals [site]
- Blues Blast [site]
- Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival... [site]
- W.C. Handy Blues and Barbecue Festiv... [site]
- The National Festival of Australian ... [site]
- Backstage [site]
- Mountain of Blues Festival [site]
- Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival... [site]
- Sunflower River Blues Festival [site]
- Telluride Blues & Brews Festival... [site]
- Waterfront Blues Festival [site]
- Boundary Waters Blues Festival [site]
- Notodden blues festival ,Norway [site]
- NYS Rhythm & Blues Festival - Sy... [site]
- Polish Heritage Festival [site]
- San Francisco Blues Festival [site]
- Columbia Blues Festival [site]
- Cahors Blues festival [site]
- Boogie Woogie Piano Festival [site]
- Riverwalk Blues Festival [site]
- Spring Wine and Blues Bash [site]
- Great British Rhythm & Blues Fes... [site]
- Parma Rootsway Roots & Blues Foo... [site]

Bands and Artists B
- Blockheads [site]
- Buck Wildstar [site]
- Burks, Michael [site]
- Blues Alley [site]
- Better Off Dead [site]
- Blues Burners, The [site]
- Back Alley Band, The [site]
- Blues Support [site]
- Backwater Blues Band, The [site]
- Blues Company [site]
- Blue Mother Tupelo [site]
- Blues Victim [site]
- Boegl, Reynhard [site]
- Blue by Nature [site]
- Blackbirds, The [site]
- Black, Neal [site]
- Big City Blues Band [site]
- Big Blues Revival [site]
- Blue Stew [site]
- B.B. and the Stingers [site]
- Blue Comets, The [site]
- Built for Comfort [site]
- Brozman, Bob [site]
- Brooks, Ronnie Baker [site]
- Bo, Eddie [site]
- Blues Stop [site]
- Blues Priority [site]
- Brolund, Hal [site]
- Big Rockin Daddy and the Usual Suspe... [site]
- Big Bill and the Cool Tones [site]
- Barbeck and 7th Son, Pete [site]
- BUCK69: Electric Blues With Roots Ro... [site]
- Blues O Matix [site]
- Blue-Up [site]

Blues Societies
- Capital Area Blues Society [site]
- Memphis Blues Society [site]
- Suncoast Blues Society [site]
- DC Blues Society [site]
- Mid-Atlantic Blues Society [site]
- Long Island Blues Society [site]
- Houston Blues Society, The [site]
- Hornby Island Blues Society [site]
- Dorset Blues Society [site]
- Billtown Blues Association [site]
- San Antonio Blues Society [site]
- The Northeast Blues Society [site]
- Stichting Rhythm & Blues Breda... [site]
- River City Blues Society [site]
- Blusin on in the BitterRoot [site]
- Colorado Blues Society [site]
- Santa Barbara Blues Society [site]
- West Michigan Blues Society [site]
- Lizard Creek Blues Society [site]
- Central Iowa Blues Society [site]

- Blue Wave [site]
- KMHD-FM 89.1 [site]
- Beale Street Caravan [site]
- [site]
- Chicago Blues X-plosion [site]
- WXRT Radio Chicago [site]
- KRVS-FM 88.7 [site]
- KFAI [site]
- XM 74 - Bluesville [site]
- HOTFM Sunraysia Community Radio [site]
- KDHX-FM 88.1 [site]
- Comin Home with Niles Frantz [site]
- SouthSide Blues Cafe [site]
- KLCC-FM 89.7 [site]
- Shout Brother Shout [site]
- KPFA-FM 94.1 [site]
- [site]
- Blues on WBFO [site]

Bands and Artists C
- Campbell, Ron [site]
- Cooley, Jon Blind Dog [site]
- Cousins [site]
- Chorné, Rich [site]
- Chicago Kingsnakes [site]
- Colossal Dump [site]
- Copley, Al [site]
- Cosmic Mercy [site]
- Campbell, Lynne [site]
- Cleary, Jon [site]
- Collins, Albert [site]
- Crazy Dogs [site]
- Crossroads Band, The [site]
- Chicago Pete [site]
- Chai and The Blues Maniacs [site]
- Carter, Terry [site]
- Chubby, Popa [site]
- Catfish Keith [site]
- Carson, Mark [site]
- Cooper, Greg [site]

Bands and Artists S
- Smither, Chris [site]
- Smith, Holland K. [site]
- Stingray, JP [site]
- Simpson, Martin [site]
- Sellers, Gary [site]
- Savoy Brown [site]
- Sas, Julian [site]
- Sommers, Dusty [site]
- Sonny Moorman Group, The [site]
- Stringbean and the Stalkers [site]
- Soulsetters Rockin Blues Band, The... [site]
- Solis, Rene and the Persuaders [site]
- Seth Walker Band, The [site]
- Shannon, Mem [site]
- Blues [site]
- The Blues Corner 2 [site]
- 3rd Degree Blues [site]
- Blues Paradise [site]
- BUCK69 [site]
- The Blues Directory [site]
- The Delta Blues Museum [site]
- Blues on Stage [site]
- Blues Links [site]
- Chicago Blues Archives [site]
- National Geographic: Blues Highway... [site]
- Smooth Grooves 2000 [site]
- Topix: Blues [site]

- Cafe Boogaloo [site]
- Key Palace Theatre [site]
- Rosas Lounge [site]
- Spirit of 66 [site]
- Blue Note Live [site]
- Blue Chicago [site]
- Heimathaus Twist [site]
- House of Blues online [site]
- Maloe Melo [site]
- Mojo Blues Bar [site]
- Arthurs Tavern [site]
- Preservation Hall [site]
- Fitzgeralds Night Club [site]
- Boom Boom Room [site]
- Knitting Factory [site]

Bands and Artists M
- Mojo Blues Band [site]
- McClain, Mighty Sam [site]
- Mahjun, Jean-Louis [site]
- Magic Frankie and the Blues Disease... [site]
- MoFo Party Band, The [site]
- Mule Newman Band, The [site]
- Mack, Lonnie [site]
- Mighty Mike Schermer [site]
- Microwave Dave and The Nukes [site]
- Michael Barclay Blues Band, The [site]
- Manriquez, Bobby [site]
- Manfra, Big Joe [site]

Bands and Artists L
- Los Conejos Texas Blues Band [site]
- Lightning Red [site]
- Lightnin Moe and his Peace Disturber... [site]
- Lynn, Terri [site]
- Luedtke, Howard "Guitar" a... [site]
- Lange, Mike and Boogie Express [site]
- Lady A Blues Band, The [site]
- Lady Bianca [site]
- Lawrence, Rocky [site]
- Larsson, Carsten [site]
- Love, Joey and the Blues Xpress [site]
- Loose Gravel Blues Band [site]

Bands and Artists D
- Dr Feelgood [site]
- Dynamics, The [site]
- Double Shot Band [site]
- Dozzler, Christian [site]
- DuChaine, Kent [site]
- Delta Boys [site]
- Downchild Blues Band [site]
- Deluxury [site]
- DeBrie and Kessler [site]
- Daddy I & the Baby Boys [site]
- Davis, Guy [site]

Bands and Artists H
- Hired Help, The [site]
- Harris, Ruby [site]
- Hector, Billy [site]
- Hatfield, Rick [site]
- Herd of Blues [site]
- Hydramatics, The [site]
- Hole, Dave [site]

Bands and Artists J
- Jackson, Bull Moose [site]
- Jean, Cathy [site]
- Jones, Billy [site]
- John Lisi Blues Band [site]
- Johnny O. Band [site]
- James, Lone Wolf [site]

Bands and Artists R
- Rough and Ready [site]
- Rod And The Shotgun Blues Band [site]
- Rogers, Roger [site]
- Rambling Blues Trio [site]
- Ruffo, Stan [site]
- Ruffner, Mason [site]
- Rhodes, Sonny [site]
- Radiotones [site]
- Rogues on the Run [site]
- Robillard, Duke [site]
- Rishell, Paul and Annie Raines [site]
- Rio, Rob [site]
- Richman, Barry [site]
- Richey, Kelly [site]
- Ras Smaila [site]

Bands and Artists W
- Washboard Chaz [site]
- Wayne, Kenny [site]
- Watson, Junior [site]
- Wetterstein, Hary [site]
- Watkins, Leonard [site]
- Westside Andy [site]
- Wright, Marva [site]
- W.C. Clark Blues Revue [site]

- Real Blues Magazine [site]
- BlueSpeak [site]
- Big Road Blues -- All Things Blues... [site]
- Blues Music Now [site]
- New Orleans Music News [site]
- Back to the Roots [site]
- Jazz and Blues Report [site]
- Blues Bytes [site]
- Blues Access Online [site]

Bands and Artists T
- Trout, Walter and the Radicals [site]
- T-Bones, The [site]
- Terri, The Drag Queen Of The Blues... [site]
- Timothea [site]
- Turner, Twist [site]
- Two Timers [site]

- Stavanger Blues Club [site]
- Chicago Reader Guide to Blues, Gospe... [site]
- Blues Ginza [site]

Bands and Artists K
- Kate Meehan Blues Band [site]
- Kelly, Amy and the Blues Souls [site]
- Kent, Luther [site]
- Keyes, Dave [site]
- Kirkland, Eddie [site]
- Kight, E.G. [site]

Bands and Artists G
- Guy Martin Group [site]
- Gonzalez, Memo and the Bluescasters... [site]
- Gordy, Roman and His Bluesmobile [site]
- Guitar Shorty. [site]
- Griffin, Big Mike [site]
- Gillespie, Dana [site]
- Given Permission [site]
- Glamour Puss [site]
- Gogo, David [site]

Bands and Artists F
- Fat Bobs, The [site]
- Fat Tuesday and the Greasefire Horns... [site]
- First Gin of the Day [site]
- Fenton, Paul [site]

Bands and Artists P
- Paris, Jon [site]
- Parche, Alex [site]
- Primich, Gary [site]
- Primetime Blues Band, The [site]
- Plumeri, Paul [site]
- Payne, Jackie [site]

Bands and Artists A
- After Hours Blues Band [site]
- Atkinsons, Sandy [site]
- Allison, Bernard [site]
- Achison, Geoff [site]
- All About The Blues [site]
- Ashton, Gwyn [site]
- Arvey, Steve [site]

- Swing Blues and Jump Blues Guitar... [site]
- Ultimate Guitar Archive: Blues Lesso... [site]
- Cyberfret: Blues Guitar 101 [site]
- ActiveBass: Blues Bass Lessons [site]
- Eric Clapton Slowhand Blues Guitar... [site]
- Blues Slide Guitar [site]

Bands and Artists N
- Noelle [site]
- Nighthawk, Robert [site]
- Nevling, Dave [site]
- Nathan, Bobby [site]
- Nitzinger, John [site]
- Nightmare on Bourbon Street [site]

Bands and Artists Lang, Jonny
- Jonny Lang: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- Jonny Lang [site]

Bands and Artists O
- Old Chicago Blues Band [site]
- Oakland, Moses [site]
- Open Harp Surgery [site]
- Omar and the Howlers [site]
- ODell, Tommy Ray [site]

Fan Pages
- Jimmy Dawkins - Plays the blues as b... [site]
- DashersBluesCruisers [site]
- The Vulture Knows the Blues [site]
- Bluesrockers [site]
- Fenton Robinson fan page [site]
- Keepin The Blues Alive [site]

Bands and Artists
- Blues Index [site]
- Bluesonline [site]
- Blues, Jazz & Guitar News [site]
- Knights In Blue Denim [site]

Bands and Artists Hooker, John Lee
- John Lee Hooker: Lyrics and Sound Cl... [site]
- Boom Boom Room [site]
- John Lee Hooker J-File [site]
- All Music Guide: John Lee Hooker [site]

Bands and Artists Guy, Buddy
- Buddy Guy: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Buddy Guy [site]

Bands and Artists Johnson, Robert
- All Music Guide: Robert Johnson [site]
- Robert Johnson: Lyrics and Sound Cli... [site]
- The Life and Death of Robert Johnson... [site]
- Robert Johnson And The Crossroads Cu... [site]
- Rocky Lawrence [site]

- Delta Blues Museum [site]
- History of the Blues [site]

Bands and Artists Muddy Waters
- All Music Guide: Muddy Waters [site]
- Muddy Waters: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- Topix: Muddy Waters [site]

Bands and Artists King, B.B.
- Blues Boy King [site]
- B.B. King: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- B.B. King Blues Master [site]
- All Music Guide: B. B. King [site]
- The Official B.B. King Web Site [site]

Bands and Artists Gallagher, Rory
- WebRing: Rory On [site]
- Rory Gallagher: Irish Rocker [site]
- Innerviews: Defender of the Blues... [site]
- Shadowplay [site]

- Blues Music Billboard Top 15 [site]
- BluesRoad [site]
- New Music-Blues Reviews [site]
- Electric Blues [site]

Bands and Artists Rainey, Ma
- Ma Rainey: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Ma Rainey [site]
- Grave of Gertrude Ma Rainey [site]

Bands and Artists E
- Earl, Ronnie [site]
- Elliott and the Untouchables Blues B... [site]
- Ellis, Sydney [site]
- Earl, John and the Boogey Man Band... [site]

- Photographs by Greg Evans [site]
- Smithsonian Magazine: Focus on the B... [site]
- Rita Weigand Photography [site]
- Hampton Studios [site]

Bands and Artists Leadbelly
- All Music Guide: Leadbelly [site]

Bands and Artists Z
- Zook, Joe and Blues Deluxe [site]
- Zola Moon [site]
- Zuckerman, Phil [site]

Bands and Artists Williamson, Sonny Boy, II
- Sonny Boy Williamson II: Lyrics and ... [site]
- All Music Guide: Sonny Boy Williamso... [site]
- Sonny Boy Williamson Rarities [site]
- The Grave of Sonny Boy Williamson... [site]
- Sonny Boys Lonesome Cabin [site]

Bands and Artists Howlin Wolf
- The Howlin Wolf Photos Site -- by Wo... [site]
- Howlin Wolf: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- Howlin Wolf: The Official Home Page... [site]
- The Unofficial Howlin Wolf Web site... [site]

Bands and Artists Taj Mahal
- All Music Guide: Taj Mahal [site]
- Taj Mahal: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]

Bands and Artists Keb Mo
- 2 Walls Webzine: Keb Mo [site]
- Keb Mo: Lyrics and Sound Clips [site]
- George Graham Reviews Keb Mos "... [site]

Bands and Artists James, Elmore
- Elmore James: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Elmore James [site]

Bands and Artists V
- Vellotones, The [site]

Bands and Artists Odetta
- All Music Guide: Odetta [site]

Bands and Artists Tedeschi, Susan
- Launch: Riding the Blues Highway [site]
- Susan Tedeschi Band Home Page [site]
- The Unofficial Susan Tedeschi Fan Cl... [site]

Bands and Artists James, Skip
- Skip James: Lyrics and Sound clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Skip James [site]

Bands and Artists U
- Uptown Band, The [site]
- Underdogs, The [site]
- Urban EXcentrics [site]

Bands and Artists Hurt, Mississippi John
- Harrys Blues Lyrics: Mississippi Joh... [site]

Bands and Artists Musselwhite, Charlie
- Charlie Musselwhite: Lyrics and Soun... [site]
- All Music Guide: Charlie Musselwhite... [site]

Bands and Artists Healey, Jeff
- The Jeff Healey Band: Lyrics and Sou... [site]
- All Music Guide: Jeff Healey [site]

Bands and Artists Reviews
- Blues on Stage: The Second Time Arou... [site]

Bands and Artists Smith, Bessie
- Bessie Smith: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- Bessie Smith Links Page [site]

Bands and Artists White, Bukka
- All Music Guide: Bukka White [site]
- FolkLib Index for Bukka White [site]
- Bukka White: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]

Bands and Artists Reed, Jimmy
- Grave of Jimmy Reed [site]
- Jimmy Reed: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Jimmy Reed [site]

Bands and Artists Walker, T-Bone
- All Music Guide: T-Bone Walker [site]
- T-Bone Walker: Lyrics and Sound Clip... [site]

Bands and Artists Patton, Charley
- Charley Patton: Lyrics and Sound Cli... [site]
- All Music Guide: Charley Patton [site]
- Grave of Charley Patton [site]

Bands and Artists Winter, Johnny
- Johnny Winter: Lyrics and Sound Clip... [site]
- Johnny Winter: In Concert [site]

Bands and Artists King, Albert
- Albert King: Lyrics and Sound Clips... [site]
- All Music Guide: Albert King [site]

Web Rings
- Slide Guitar Ring [site]

- Washboards International [site]

Bands and Artists Williamson, Sonny Boy, I
- Sonny Boy Williamson I: Lyrics and S... [site]
- Masters of Blues Harp: John Lee Will... [site]

Bands and Artists Hawkins, Screamin Jay
- Screamin Jay Hawkins [site]
- All Music Guide: Screamin Jay Hawkin... [site]

Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
- Nola Music - Announce [site]
- The Blues Corner 2 [site]

Bands and Artists Shoe Suede Blues

Bands and Artists Y
- Yee, Benny [site]
- Yngström, Clas and Sky High [site]

Sound Files
- 45adaptor: I Sold My Soul On eBay... [site]

Bands and Artists I
- Instigators, The [site]

Bands and Artists Broonzy, Big Bill
- Harrys Blues Lyrics: Big Bill Broonz... [site]

Bands and Artists Edwards, David Honeyboy
- All Music Guide: David Honeyboy Edwa... [site]

Bands and Artists McDonald, Forrest
- Forrest McDonald [site]

Bands and Artists North Mississippi Allstars
- North Mississippi Allstars [site]

Bands and Artists Benoit, Tab

Bands and Artists Mayall, John

Bands and Artists Neal, Kenny
- All Music Guide: Kenny Neal [site]

Bands and Artists 6

Bands and Artists Yancey, Jimmy

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