Computer history


Pioneers Babbage, Charles

Pioneers Bell, Gordon

Pioneers Bricklin, Daniel

Pioneers Dijkstra, Edsger

Pioneers Eckert, John Presper

Pioneers Engelbart, Douglas

Pioneers Flowers, Tommy

Pioneers Gates, Bill

Pioneers Hopper, Grace Murray

Pioneers Ingalls, Daniel

Pioneers Jobs, Steve

Pioneers Kay, Alan

Pioneers Kernighan, Brian

Pioneers Kildall, Gary

Pioneers Knuth, Donald

Pioneers Kurzweil, Raymond

Pioneers Lampson, Butler

Pioneers Lans, HÃ¥kan

Pioneers Lovelace, Ada

Pioneers Mauchly, John

Pioneers McCarthy, John

Pioneers Metcalfe, Robert

Pioneers Miner, Jay

Pioneers Minsky, Marvin

Pioneers Moore, Gordon

Pioneers Muuss, Michael John

Pioneers Needham, Roger

Pioneers Nelson, Ted

Pioneers Neumann, John von

Pioneers Papert, Seymour

Pioneers Raskin, Jef

Pioneers Simonyi, Charles

Pioneers Sinclair, Clive

Pioneers Stallman, Richard

Pioneers Sutherland, Ivan

Pioneers Tesler, Lawrence

Pioneers Weiser, Mark

Pioneers Wiener, Norbert

Pioneers Winograd, Terry

Pioneers Wozniak, Steve

Pioneers Zuse, Konrad


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