English for kids

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English as a Second Language


Grammar Adjectives

Grammar Adverbs

Grammar Conjunctions

Grammar Homonyms

Grammar Nouns

Grammar Prepositions

Grammar Pronouns

Grammar Sentence Diagrams

Grammar Synonyms

Grammar Verbs




Literature Classics

Literature Aesops Fables

Literature Alcott, Louisa May

Literature Andersen, Hans Christian

Literature Baum, L. Frank

Literature Brothers Grimm

Literature Carroll, Lewis

Literature Collodi, Carlo

Literature Dickens, Charles

Literature Irving, Washington

Literature Kipling, Rudyard

Literature Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Literature Shakespeare, William

Literature Shelley, Mary

Literature Twain, Mark

Literature Myths and Folktales

Literature King Arthur

Literature Robin Hood

Literature Poetry

Literature Series

Literature Hardy Boys, The

Literature Harry Potter

Literature Fan Pages

Literature Nancy Drew

Literature Series of Unfortunate Events, A


Reading Alphabet Fun

Reading Book Reviews




Vocabulary Slang


Writing Citation Resources

Writing MLA Format

Writing Turabian-Chicago Format

Writing Essays and Reports

Writing Book Review

Writing Handwriting

Writing Plagiarism

Writing Poetry

Writing Punctuation

Writing Spelling

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