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Fairy Tales Lang, Andrew
- Fairy Tales [site]
- The Orange Fairy Book [site]
- The Violet Fairy Book [site]
- Violet Fairy Book [site]
- The Blue Fairy Book [site]
- The Brown Fairy Book [site]
- The Red Fairy Book [site]
- The Yellow Fairy Book [site]
- The Yellow Fairy Book [site]
- The Book of Dreams and Ghosts [site]
- Andrew Lang (1844-1912) [site]
- Andrew Lang [site]
- The Crimson Fairy Book [site]
- The Lilac Fairy Book [site]
- The Olive Fairy Book [site]
- Andrew Lang [site]
- The Violet Fairy Book [site]
- The Blue Fairy Book [site]

Fairy Tales
- Little Red Riding Hood [site]
- Ongoing Tales - Old Time Fairy Tales... [site]
- The Three Sisters [site]
- A Scholarly Snow White [site]
- The Sleeping Beauty Page [site]
- The Pied Piper of Hamelin [site]
- Bearskin [site]
- Cinderella [site]
- Fairy Legends [site]
- The Frog Prince [site]
- Sleeping Beauty [site]
- Cinderella Stories [site]
- The Fairy Tales and Fables of Ambass... [site]
- The Sleeping Beauty and other Fairy ... [site]
- The Rapunzel Project - Let Down Your... [site]

Legends Arthurian
- Encyclopedia Mythica: Arthurian Lege... [site]
- King Arthur [site]
- Legends: King Arthur and the Matter ... [site]
- King Arthur and the Legend of the Kn... [site]
- Heretic Emperor: The Lost History of... [site]
- Arthuriana: The Journal of Arthurian... [site]
- Arthurian Resources - Early Medieval... [site]
- Merrie Haskells King Arthur [site]
- Mystical WWW: King Arthur Fact, Semi... [site]

Fairy Tales American
- Puerto Rican Folktales [site]
- The Texas & Oklahoma Campfire Ta... [site]
- Paul Bunyan - The Giant Lumberjack... [site]
- Newfoundland and Labrador Folklore... [site]
- Las Lloronas - The Crying Women [site]
- Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Fo... [site]
- American Life Histories: Manuscripts... [site]
- Bawdy Ballads and Far-Fetched Folklo... [site]
- Index of Appalachian Folktales Liste... [site]

Fabulous Creatures
- The Swan Maidens [site]
- Wikipedia: Legendary Creature [site]
- Terra Star [site]
- The Animal Realm [site]
- Centaur [site]
- Dinornisia [site]
- Mystical Creatures [site]
- The Jackalope Conspiracy [site]
- Jackalope [site]
- Tengu [site]
- Mythical Brazilian creatures [site]

Fairy Tales European
- Icelandic Folktales [site]
- Old Hungarian Fairy Tales [site]
- Fairy Stories Every Child Should Kno... [site]
- Popular Tales from the Norse [site]
- The Book on Marko Kraljevic [site]

Fables Aesops Fables
- Aesop: In His 3rd Millennium [site]
- Aesops Fables [site]
- Aesops Fables [site]
- Free Online Library - Aesop [site]
- Aesops Fables [site]
- Aesops Fables... [site]
- Aesop [site]
- Aesop [site]
- Ęsop [site]
- Aesop [site]
- Aesops Fables [site]
- Aesop [site]

Fabulous Creatures Fairies
- Pixy Folk [site]
- Dark Green - Some Disturbing Thought... [site]
- Fairy [site]
- At the Edge: Hollow Hills [site]
- At the Edge: Fairies and their Kin... [site]
- Little People [site]
- Realm of the Fae [site]
- At the Edge: Medieval Fairies - Now ... [site]
- Irish Folklore [site]
- Field Guide to Irish Fairies [site]
- Cicely Mary Barkers Flower Fairies... [site]
- Fairy [site]
- Abducted by the Faeries? [site]

Fairy Tales Brothers Grimm
- Grimm Brothers Home Page [site]
- Household Tales [site]
- Grimm Brothers [site]
- The German Fairytale Road [site]
- Fairy Tales by the Grimm Brothers... [site]

Fairy Tales Oceanian
- Simply Australia [site]
- Vanishing and Returning Heroes: Ambi... [site]
- Ancient Legends of Guam [site]
- Polynesian Mythology [site]
- Snakes, adulterers, and the Loss of ... [site]
- Magurei [site]
- A Tahitian Legend [site]
- Chaifi - The Ancient Spririt Volcano... [site]
- New Zealand Maori Legends [site]
- The Leagacy of Moro, the Snake-Man o... [site]

Fabulous Creatures Werewolves
- The Book of Were-Wolves [site]
- The Werewolf Cafe [site]
- Shapeshifter Myths in Popular Fictio... [site]
- Werewolf Legends from Germany [site]
- Werewolf [site]
- Shapeshifting [site]
- Werewolves: The Myths & The Trut... [site]

Fairy Tales Middle Eastern
- Timor [site]
- The Passion and the Magic: Distincti... [site]
- Speak, Bird, Speak Again: Palestinia... [site]
- Childrens Folklore: Jirtdan [site]

Fairy Tales Indian
- Tales from the Panchatantra [site]
- Eastern Stories and Legends [site]
- Tales of King Vikram and Betaal the ... [site]
- Kashmiri Folktales [site]
- Folk Tales from Kashmir [site]
- IndiaParenting: Panchatantra [site]
- Tales of the Punjab [site]
- IndiaParenting: Indian Childrens Sto... [site]
- A Flowering Tree and Other Oral Tale... [site]

Fairy Tales Nasreddin and Juha
- Nasreddin Hodja Jokes [site]
- Afghanistan Online: Mullah Nasruddin... [site]
- Nasreddin Hoca, Mulla Nasreddin, Efe... [site]
- Molla Nasreddin - Comic Sage of the ... [site]

Fairy Tales Irish
- Donegal Fairy Stories [site]
- In Chimney Corners - Merry Tales of ... [site]

Fairy Tales World Tales
- Stories in a Nutshell [site]
- Stories for the Seasons [site]
- Stories of the Feri Folk [site]
- Tales of Faerie Worldwide [site]
- Myths and Other Stories [site]
- Zensufi Story Park [site]

Fairy Tales British and Celtic
- English Fairy Tales [site]
- Manx Fairy Tales [site]
- Northumbrian Folk Tales [site]

Animals and Plants Trees
- White Dragon: The Spirit Of The Elde... [site]
- White Dragon: The Juniper Tree [site]
- White Dragon: Hawthorn - Queen of th... [site]
- Resurgence: Sacred Trees [site]
- Mystical WWW: Trees [site]
- At the Edge: Under the Greenwood Tre... [site]
- White Dragon: The Power of the Willo... [site]
- White Dragon: The Wisdom of the Appl... [site]
- White Dragon: The Rowan Tree [site]
- White Dragon: The Yew [site]
- White Dragon: The Oak Tree [site]
- White Dragon: Lady of the Woods - Th... [site]

Fabulous Creatures Mermaids
- Mermaid [site]
- The Mermaid [site]
- The Mermaid [site]
- Water Spirits and Mermaids: The Copp... [site]
- - Mermaid Tales [site]
- Mermaid Myths [site]
- Mermaid [site]
- Water Spirit Legends [site]

Fairy Tales Asian
- Ak Chechek - White Flower [site]
- Sri Lankan Myths, Miracles & Mys... [site]
- Indonesian Myth [site]

Fairy Tales African
- African Folktales [site]
- Bura Folktales [site]
- Wildlife Africa: African Tales [site]
- Folktales: The Feast [site]

- Christ Legends [site]
- Heroic Legends [site]
- Legends of the Rhine [site]
- The Book of Legends [site]

Sun and Moon Lore
- Mythology of the Constellations [site]
- Fun Myths About Ancient Sun Gods [site]
- Meteorite Legends [site]

Fairy Tales Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night

Fairy Tales Arabian Nights
- Arabian Nights Entertainments [site]
- Stories from the Thousand and One Ni... [site]
- Thousand and One Nights [site]
- The Book of One Thousand and One Nig... [site]
- Fables and Fairy Tales [site]
- Crown & Thistle Inn [site]
- Folklore and Mythology Electronic Te... [site]
- Fairy Stories and Fables [site]
- Fables, Fairy Tales, Stories and Nur... [site]

Fabulous Creatures Dragons
- The Historical Dragon Page [site]
- European Dragon [site]
- Wikipedia: Chinese Dragon [site]

Legends Faust
- The Faust Tradition from Marlowe to ... [site]
- Faust [site]
- Goethes Faust [site]
- Faust Study Questions [site]
- Faust Legends [site]

Legends Personal Pages
- Arthur & Camelot [site]
- Age of Arthur [site]
- King Arthur: A Man for the Ages [site]
- The Second Coming of Arthur - Retell... [site]
- Arthurian Links with Herefordshire... [site]

- Frog Fables [site]
- The Stuffed Fabulist [site]

Fairy Tales Japanese
- The Kitsunes WebRing [site]
- The Folktales in Fukushima [site]

Fairy Tales Chinese
- Chinese Fable Stories [site]

Animals and Plants
- White Dragon: Children of Arachne... [site]
- Minibeast Folklore [site]
- Elephant Lore [site]
- Frog Myths Across Cultures - Transfo... [site]

Legends Literature
- Robin Hood [site]
- The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood b... [site]
- Robin Hood [site]
- The Dying Hero [site]
- Robin Hood [site]

Fairy Tales Jacobs, Joseph
- Joseph Jacobs [site]
- Celtic Fairy Tales - Joseph Jacobs... [site]
- Celtic Fairy Tales [site]

- Caerdroia - The Journal of Mazes and... [site]
- Chartres Labyrinth [site]
- Labyrinth [site]
- A Labyrinth Album [site]

Animals and Plants Cats
- At the Edge: Pussycat, Pussycat, Whe... [site]
- The Tiger in the House [site]
- Pawprints and Purrs: Purr Folklore... [site]

Fabulous Creatures Cottingley Fairies
- The Coming of the Fairies [site]
- The Cottingley Network [site]
- BBC News Item - Fairy Fakes Sell for... [site]
- Cotrtingley Connect - in contact wit... [site]
- Cottingley Fairies [site]
- Cottingley Fairys [site]

Fairy Tales Russian
- Old Russia [site]
- Russian and Ukrainian Folk Tales [site]
- Russian Fairy Tales [site]

Fabulous Creatures Unicorns
- Unicorns [site]
- Unicorn Jewels [site]
- A Unicorn Seal [site]
- Heraldic America: The Unicorn in Can... [site]
- Wikipedia: Unicorn [site]

Fairy Tales Filipino
- Hiligaynon Nation [site]
- Alamat - A Philippine Folktales, Myt... [site]
- Philippine Folk Tales [site]
- Philippine Folklore [site]

Legends Robin Hood
- Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdal... [site]
- Robin Hood [site]
- Robin Hood - The Legend [site]
- Robin Hood [site]

Animals and Plants Birds
- Magpie (Pica Pica) [site]
- Owls in Mythology, Culture and Legen... [site]
- The Ravens Aviary: Folklore and Supe... [site]

Legends Literature

Fables La Fontaine, Jean de
- La Fontaine et La Cuisine [site]

Legends Personal Pages
- The Legend of Robin Hood [site]
- The Outlaw Robin Hood - His Yorkshir... [site]

Animals and Plants Black Dogs
- At the Edge: Black Dogs Folklore [site]
- At the Edge: Black Dogs - Guardians ... [site]
- At the Edge: Hellhounds, Werewolves ... [site]

Legends Chats and Forums
- The Knight of the Green Chapel [site]

Fairy Tales Pentamerone
- The Pentamerone - by Giambattista Ba... [site]

Legends Societies and Forums
- Images of Robin Hood [site]
- Third Biennial Robin Hood Conference... [site]
- The Greenwood: Robin Hoods Forest... [site]

Fairy Tales Journals
- Tricksters Way [site]
- Marvels & Tales: Journal of Fair... [site]

Wells and Springs

Fairy Tales Perrault, Charles
- Charles Perrault [site]
- Perraults Fairy Tales [site]

- At the Edge: The Perilous Bridge [site]
- Food Tales [site]

Fairy Tales Tibetan

Legends Contemporary Literature

Fairy Tales Romanian

Fairy Tales Mongolian

Legends Movies

Fairy Tales Korean
- Korean Folk Tales [site]

Legends Recreation
- The Round Table 3 [site]

Fairy Tales Native American

Fairy Tales Hauff, Wilhelm

Fairy Tales Jewish

Legends Don Juan
- Tirso de Molina [site]

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