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XML Reference
- Associating Style Sheets with XML Do... [site]
- Canonical XML Version 1.0 [site]
- The Annotated XML Specification (ver... [site]
- XML 1.0 (Second Edition) [site]
- XML Base [site]
- XML Events: An Events Syntax for XML... [site]
- XML Fragment Interchange [site]
- XML Information Set (InfoSet) [site]
- XML-Signature Syntax and Processing... [site]
- XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Data Model... [site]

XML Resources
- Anuj Executive Seminars [site]
- DevX XML Zone [site]
- Extensible Markup Language (XML) [site]
- GBdirect: XML Training Courses [site]
- O' XML Resource Guide [site]
- Tek-Tips Forum: XML [site]
- WDVL: XML [site]
- XMacL [site]
- XML Entity [site]
- XML Zone [site]
- [site]
- XML.ORG: The XML Industry Portal [site]
- [site]
- Zvon [site]

XML Reference Working Drafts
- XML Protocol Abstract Model [site]
- XML Query Requirements [site]
- XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions a... [site]
- XSLT Requirements Version 2.0 [site]
- XML Protocol (XMLP) Requirements [site]
- XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.... [site]
- DOM Level 3 XPath Specification [site]
- XML Accessibility Guidelines [site]
- XML Blueberry Requirements [site]
- XML Encryption Requirements [site]
- XML Encryption Syntax and Processing... [site]

XML Resources Sample Code
- Accessing an Xml Database from XSLT ... [site]
- HowWierd XML Files [site]
- [site]

XML Resources Schools and Instruction

XML Style Sheets
- Associating Style Sheets with XML do... [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL
- Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)... [site]
- Jeni's XSLT Pages [site]
- MSDN's XSLT Developer's Guide [site]
- XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 1... [site]
- XSLT Requirements Version 2.0 [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- XML [site]
- Antenna House, Inc: Stylesheet Tutor... [site]
- What is XSL? [site]
- XSL Frequently Asked Questions [site]
- XSL The Extensible Style Language... [site]
- XSLT/XPath Training Material [site]

XML Resources Mailing Lists
- PHP-XML Mailing List [site]
- XML Apache mailing lists [site]

XML Resources Chats and Forums
- O'Reilly Network: XML [site]
- Xml-doc discussion group [site]

XML Resources Conferences
- Extreme Markup Languages [site]

XML Resources FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- [site]
- Doing It With XML 2 [site]
- EXtensible Markup Language FAQ [site]
- Getting Started With XML [site]
- Introduction to XML For Web Develope... [site]
- Structuring Data for the Web, An Int... [site]
- Textuality FAQ [site]
- Transforming XML into WML [site]
- Tutorial, Introduction to XML and XM... [site]
- XML Programming Tutorial [site]
- XML School [site]

XML Forms Articles
- Interactive Web Services wi... [site]
- What are XForms? [site]
- New forms model require... [site]
- New XForms Requirements... [site]

XML Forms FAQs, Help, and Tutorials

XML Forms Implementations
- [site]

XML Forms Resources
- XForms [site]

XML Linking
- Very Extensible Linking Language Una... [site]

XML Linking XLink
- An Introduction to XML Linking [site]
- XLink Filter Project [site]
- XML Linking Language (XLink) Version... [site]
- XLink: Who Cares? [site]

XML Document Types
- W3C Data Formats [site]
- XML Software Autoupdate [site]

XML Encoding
- MSDN: How to Encode XML Data [site]
- The Unicode Consortium [site]
- XML Encoding [site]

XML Forms
- XForms 1.0 [site]
- XForms Requirements [site]
- XForms [site]
- XFA-Template Version 1.0 [site]

XML News and Media Books
- XML [site]*
- Definitive XML Schema: Author's Site... [site]
- DocBook: The Definitive Guide [site]
- The XML Bible [site]
- XML by Example [site]

XML People
- Bray, Tim [site]
- Clark, James [site]
- Dumbill, Edd [site]

XML Programming
- Active Tags [site]
- CDuce [site]
- XML-RPC [site]

XML Namespaces
- Namespaces in XML [site]
- XML Namespaces [site]
- XML Namespace Related-resource Langu... [site]
- XML Namespaces FAQ [site]
- Namespace Myths Exploded... [site]
- Namespace Nuances [site]
- Namespaces by Example [site]
- XSL Namespace [site]

XML News and Media
- O'Reilly XML Center [site]
- Xmlhack [site]

XML News and Media Articles
- Thoughts and Software [site]
- XML and Java: The Perfect Pair [site]
- XML, Java, And The Future Of The Web... [site]
- OK, So What Is This XML Thing? [site]
- Louis Jean-Richard: Case Studies and... [site]
- Comparison of SGML and XML [site]
- Design Principles for XML [site]
- Introduction to XML For Web Develope... [site]

XML Validation
- Comparative Analysis of Six XML Sche... [site]
- Trang [site]
- XML Well-Formedness Checker and Vali... [site]

XML Validation DTDs
- XML Pocket Consultant Chapter on DTD... [site]

XML Validation Historical Schema Languages
- DCD - Document Content Description f... [site]
- SOX - Schema for Object-Oriented XML... [site]
- XML-Data [site]

XML Validation RELAX NG
- RELAX NG specification [site]
- TREX - Tree Regular Expressions for ... [site]

XML Tools Servers
- Microsoft BizTalk Server [site]
- Xentric Server [site]
- XML Apache Project [site]

XML Tools Editors Schema and DTD
- Liquid XML Graphical XML Schema Edit... [site]
- OXygen [site]
- Stylus Studio DTD Tools [site]
- XMLFox freeware XML/XSD Editor [site]

XML Tools Editors WYSIWYG Editors
- XML Assistant [site]

XML Tools Parsers
- Microsoft XML Parser Conformance [site]
- Nenie XML [site]

XML Tools Publishing Systems
- XML Compiler [site]
- Apache Cocoon [site]
- WebX Systems [site]

XML Validation Schematron
- Schematron Specification [site]

XML Validation XML Schema
- W3C Official Public Site for XML Sch... [site]
- W3C XML Schema Test Collection [site]

XML Vendors
- Computing Art Inc [site]
- HostBridge Technologies [site]
- I Tech Zone [site]
- I4i [site]
- Infoteria [site]
- Intisoft [site]
- RivCom [site]
- Stilo Technology [site]
- SyncRo Soft [site]
- Vervet Logic [site]
- Vordel [site]

XML Validation XML Schema FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- Brief XML Schema (XSD) tutorial [site]
- Using W3C XML Schema [site]
- XML Bible Chapter 24: Schemas [site]
- XML Schema Tutorial [site]
- XML Schema Tutorial at W3Schools [site]

XML Validation XML Schema Standards Documents
- Errata in XML Schema [site]
- XML Schema Part 0: Primer [site]
- XML Schema Part 1: Structures [site]
- XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes [site]
- XML Schema Requirements [site]
- XML Schema: Formal Description [site]

XML Validation XML Schema Tools
- OSS Nokalva XSD Tools [site]
- Stylus Studio XML Schema Tools [site]
- XML Schema Quality Checker [site]
- XML Schema validator [site]
- Xnsdoc XML Schema Documentation Gene... [site]
- CodeSynthesis XSD [site]
- Bluetetra XsdDoc [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL Resources
- EXSLT [site]
- Hysen, Gordon - XSLT [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL Tools
- Libxslt - the XSLT C library for Gno... [site]
- Python/XML [site]
- Schnabel, Bryan - Utilities [site]
- Stylus Studio [site]
- XSLT Debugger [site]
- Unicorn XSLT Processor [site]
- Xalan [site]
- XMLtoANY [site]
- XSLTDoc Application [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL Reference
- W3C : Extensible Stylesheet Language... [site]
- W3Schools [site]
- XSL Transformation (XSLT) 1.0 [site]
- XSLT and XPath Quick Reference [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL Implementations
- IBM WebSphere Application Server Fea... [site]
- IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Applianc... [site]
- Intel SOA Expressway XSLT 2.0 Proces... [site]
- Libxslt [site]
- Scriptura [site]
- Unicorn XSLT Processor [site]
- Xalan-C++ [site]
- XSL Processor for ColdFusion [site]
- XSL Transformations (XSLT) in Mozill... [site]
- [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL Mailing Lists
- XSL-list [site]

XML Style Sheets XSL XSL-FO
- Apache's FOP Project [site]
- TeXML [site]
- Using Objects [site]
- XMLmind FO Converter [site]
- XSL FO Tutorial [site]

XML Tools Browsers
- EXeMeL [site]
- Voice Browsers - W3C Note [site]
- X-Smiles [site]
- XNGR XML Browser [site]

XML Tools Editors
- Altova XMLSpy XML Editor [site]
- Liquid XML Editor [site]
- Stylus Studio [site]
- XML Marker [site]

XML Tools Editors Basic Editors
- Open XML Editor [site]
- Spket IDE [site]
- XML:Wrench [site]
- XMLmind XML Editor [site]
- Easy XML Editor [site]
- EpcEdit [site]
- NXml mode [site]

XML Tools
- XML Schema to Programming Language B... [site]
- Buyer's Guide [site]
- XMLRAD [site]
- XML Query Engine [site]
- WDVL XML Software Guide [site]
- Apache XML Project [site]
- DeltaXML: XML file comparison [site]
- ExamXML [site]
- Free XML Tools and Software [site]
- GSLgen: General-purpose Schema Langu... [site]
- JAXFront [site]
- Oracle XML Technology Center [site]
- Prince XML [site]
- RustemSoft [site]
- STG Validator [site]
- TeXML Processor [site]

HTML Resources
- Bare Bones Guide to HTML [site]
- Browser Test - iCab [site]
- HotSource HTML Help [site]
- HTML Clinic [site]
- HTML Help [site]
- HTML Tutorial - Webmaster's Resource... [site]
- JED.WEB Developers Resources [site]
- Robin's HTML 4.0 Conformance Test... [site]
- VSNetCom Test Suite [site]
- Webmonkey [site]

HTML Tools
- Beautiful Soup [site]
- HTML Color [site]
- HTML Color Codes [site]
- HTML Form Builder [site]
- HTML Test Bed [site]
- SiteReportCard [site]
- Word to clean HTML [site]
- Zen-coding [site]

HTML FAQs, Help, and Tutorials MSN TV
- How to Use HTML in WebTV Email [site]
- Le Professeur's Basic Signature Seri... [site]

HTML Reference
- An Introduction to HTML Email [site]
- HTML Tag List [site]
- Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi [site]
- The Advanced HTML Reference - Index ... [site]
- W3C HTML Home Page [site]
- W3Schools HTML 4.01 Tag Reference... [site]
- Web Wizard's HTML Tag List [site]

HTML Reference Cheat Sheets
- HTML DTD [site]

HTML Reference Specifications
- ISO HTML 4 Specification [site]
- Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0 [site]
- HTML 3.2 Specification [site]
- HTML 4.01 Specification [site]

Mathematical MathML
- EzMath [site]
- FireMath [site]
- GtkMathView [site]
- Mathematical Markup Language (MathML... [site]
- Mathematical Markup Language (MathML... [site]
- Mathematical Markup Language (MathML... [site]
- MathML Has Landed [site]
- MathML in Mozilla [site]
- MathML Test Suite [site]
- MathML-enabled M13 Builds For Win32... [site]
- TtM [site]
- Wikipedia: MathML [site]

Mathematical OpenMath
- A Critique of OpenMath and Thoughts ... [site]
- MathWeb Search [site]
- [site]
- Perl OpenMath to LaTeX Converter [site]
- Wikipedia: OpenMath [site]

- Structured Types in MathML and OpenM... [site]
- Blahtex [site]

HTML Tools Meta Tags
- Free Meta Tag Builder - ScrubTheWeb... [site]
- Meta Tag Builder - Vancouver Webpage... [site]
- Meta Tag Generator - Submit a Websit... [site]
- Meta Tag Generator - WebsiteSubmit... [site]
- Meta Tag MD [site]
HTML Tools Meta Tags (part 2)
- Metatag Free - INeedHits [site]
- Submit Express [site]

HTML Tools Validators and Lints
- Dr. Watson [site]
- HTML and XHTML Syntax Checker [site]
- HTML/XML Validator [site]
- Microsoft Word 2000 HTML Mess Cleane... [site]
- Validation Bookmarklets [site]
- Web Mechanic [site]

HTML FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- Active Jump HTML Tutorial [site]
- Advanced HTML [site]
- Craig's HTML Page [site]
- EchoEcho.Com: HTML Tutorials [site]
- Free Web Page Templates [site]
- HTML Help Online [site]
- HTML Tips and Tricks [site]
- HTML Tutorials for Students [site]
- [site]
- Image Map Tutorial Main Page [site]
- Notepad's Web Design - A Good Place ... [site]
- Project Cool Developer Zone: HTML Ba... [site]
- Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi [site]
- Suite101: Website Design [site]
- Ted's Comprehensive HTML Tutorial... [site]
- Tizag HTML Tutorial [site]
- W3Schools: HTML Tutorial [site]
- Electronic Documents Markup [site]
- Microformats [site]
- Project Xanadu [site]
- YAML Ain't Markup Language (YAML)... [site]

- DocBook Filters [site]
- [site]
- Getting Started With DocBook on Open... [site]

- A List Apart: A Preview of HTML 5... [site]

HTML Books
- HTML 4 for the World Wide Web by Eli... [site]
- Learn HTML in a Weekend [site]

HTML Chats and Forums
- Web Design Group Forums [site]
- HTML Writer's Guild Mailing Lists... [site]
- HTML Help Central [site]
- Expert HTML Yahoo Group [site]

HTML FAQs, Help, and Tutorials Meta Tags
- Using HTML Meta Tags - SearchEngineW... [site]
- AIM Pro: Meta Tag Tutorial [site]
- Custom Made Meta Tags [site]
- Good Keywords [site]
- HTML Meta Tags [site]
- Meta Tag Tips by Brian Taylor [site]
- Meta Tags - 123 Submit Pro [site]

HTML FAQs, Help, and Tutorials Beginners
- Learning to Build a Website [site]
- McJeff's HTML 101 [site]
- Newbie Web Design Help [site]
- to Make a Webpage... [site]
- Simple HTML [site]
- T171 Tutorials - HTML and Web Design... [site]
- Web Host Directory:HTML Tutorial [site]
- Web Page 101 [site]
- WebsiteGear HTML Tutorial [site]
- Zero Programming Skills - HTML [site]
- HTML: An Interactive Guide for Begin... [site]
- HTML Tutorials for the Complete Idio... [site]
- Active Jump HTML Tutorial [site]
- Beginners HTML Tutorial - WebDevelop... [site]
- Chris's HTML Tutorial [site]
- Building a Better Internet... [site]
- Interactive HTML Tut... [site]
- Getting Started with HTML [site]
- HIOX HTML Tutorials [site]
- How To Make A Website [site]
- HTML Basic Tutor [site]
- HTML Basix [site]
- Html Inc. [site]
- HTML Source [site]
- HTML Step by Step: Online Course [site]
- HTML Tips, Help and Examples [site]
- HTML Tutorials [site]

XML Applications DSML

XML Applications ebXML
- EbXML [site]
- EbXML - A Critical Analysis [site]
- EbXML implementations [site]
- Statement from IBM concerning patent... [site]

XML Applications VoiceXML
- Ecmascript language specification (E... [site]
- Ken Rehor's World of VoiceXML [site]
- Semantic Interpretation for Speech R... [site]
- Speech Recognition Grammar Specifica... [site]
- Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SS... [site]
- Voice category at [site]
- Voice Extensible Markup Language (VX... [site]
- Voice Extensible Markup Language (VX... [site]
- Voice Extensible Markup Language (VX... [site]
- VoiceXML Forum [site]
- VoiceXml Yahoo Group [site]
- W3C: Voice Browser Activity [site]
- W3C's Introduction to VoiceXML 2.0... [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XQuery Tools
- OXygen XML Editor / XQuery Debugger... [site]
- Qexo (Kawa-XQuery) [site]
- Xcache Rainbow Project [site]

XML Applications
- XCBL - XML Common Business Library... [site]
- XLDL Literature Description Language... [site]
- XML in Mozilla [site]
- XMLSTATS: Using SportsML [site]
- UBL - Universal Business Language... [site]
- RecipeML [site]
- DARPA Markup Language (DAML+OIL) [site]
- ISO 15022 XML [site]
- Mathematical Markup Language (MathML... [site]
- MCF - Meta Content Framework [site]
- NetBeans XML Project [site]
- NewsML [site]*
- NITF - News Industry Text Format [site]
- OSD - Open Software Description Form... [site]
- P3P - Platform for Privacy Preferenc... [site]

XML Applications XUL Applications
- Venkman Project Page [site]
- XUL Applications [site]
- ZopeStudio [site]

XML Applications XUL Applications Games

XML Applications XUL Applications Tools

XML Applications XUL FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- An XBL Primer [site]
- Fooling with XUL [site]
- - An Introductory Tour ... [site]
- Writing a Mozilla Application with X... [site]
- XUL Template Primer [site]

XML Applications XUL News and Media
- Cross-Platform UI [site]
- Easing browser interface development... [site]

XML Applications XUL Reference

XML Applications XUL
- A Taste of XUL [site]

XML Applications VoiceXML Hosting
- Voice Sites [site]
- MTI's VoiceXML Hosting Services [site]
- Tellme Studio [site]
- Visibridge hosting solutions [site]

XML Applications VoiceXML IDE
- Vocabase: An Interactive Voice Respo... [site]

XML Applications VoiceXML Implementation Platforms
- Verascape [site]
- Visibridge [site]
- Voxeo VoiceXML VoiceCenter Platform... [site]

XML Consultants
- Andrew M. Andrews III [site]
- Crane Softwrights Ltd. [site]
- DigitalML [site]
- Eloquenti X [site]
- Entelechy Corporation [site]
- Hyfinity [site]
- Incremental Development, Inc. - XML ... [site]
- Mulberry Technologies, Inc. [site]
- TruLogic Inc. [site]

- New Architect [site]
- W3C HTML Home Page [site]
- XHTML :: How to succeed [site]
- XHTML is the Most Important XML Voca... [site]
- XHTML Web Design for Beginners [site]

XHTML FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- World Wide Web Consortium (w3c): XHT... [site]
- XHTML Explained [site]

XHTML News and Media
- About - What is XHTML? [site]
- W3C: XHTML 1.0 Press Release [site]
- W3C: XHTML 1.0 Testimonials [site]
- WebReview: XHTML - Our Last, Best Ho... [site]
- - XHTML: Three Namespaces or... [site]

- Synchronized Multimedia [site]
- Synchronized Multimedia Integration ... [site]
- [site]
- XHTML+SMIL Profile [site]
- Learn SMIL with a SMIL Presentation... [site]


- A Gentle Introduction to SGML [site]
- Comparison of SGML and XML [site]
- Overview of SGML Resources [site]

SGML Applied Languages

SGML Companies
- Mulberry Technologies, Inc. [site]

SGML Groups
- OASIS [site]

- HyTime Users' Group Home Page [site]

SGML References and Standards

SGML Software

XML Addressing and Querying XPointer
- XML Pointer Language (XPointer) [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XQL
- Frequently Asked Questions [site]
- Proposal: XML Query Language [site]
- The Quest for an XML Query Standard... [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XQuery
- W3C: XML Query [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XQuery FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
- Mailing List: [site]
- [site]
- XQuery: Reinventing the Wheel? [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XQuery Standards Documents
- XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions a... [site]
- XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language... [site]
- XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serializatio... [site]
- XML Query Use Cases [site]
- XML Syntax for XQuery 1.0 (XQueryX)... [site]

XHTML Reference
- Context Sensitive XHTML [site]
- XHTML Character Entity Reference [site]
- XHTML Modularization Overview [site]

XHTML Reference Specifications
- Building XHTML Modules [site]
- HLink [site]
- Ruby Annotation [site]
- XHTML 1.0 (Second Edition) Specifica... [site]
- XHTML 1.1 - Module-based XHTML [site]
- XHTML Basic [site]


- Extensible Markup Language (XML) [site]
- XML Activity Statement [site]

XML Addressing and Querying XPath
- XML Path Language (XPath) Version 1.... [site]
- XPath Package for OCaml [site]
- DOM Level 3 XPath Specification [site]
- DecisionSoft - Pathan [site]

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