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- Greek Mythology [site]
- Greek Mythology [site]
- The Greek Heroes [site]
- Ancient Greek Mythology [site]
- MythWeb: Encyclopedia of Greek Mytho... [site]
- The Pantheon [site]
- Women in Greek Myths [site]
- - Greek Mythology [site]
- Greek Mythology: Chapters in Pre-His... [site]
- Dick Caldwells Greek Myths [site]
- Empire Arts Resource [site]
- Mythology [site]
- Flood Stories from Around the World... [site]
- Mythic Arts [site]
- Sacred-Texts - Myths and Sagas [site]
- Encyclopedia of Mythical Trees and D... [site]
- Gods, Monsters and Myths [site]
- Literature Network - Thomas Bulfinch... [site]
- Godchecker - Mythology with a Twist... [site]
- Age of Fable Or Beauties of Mytholog... [site]
- Mythology [site]
- Mythological Studies [site]
- Shrine of the Horned Gods [site]
- Mythology Notes [site]
- Mythology [site]
- World Myths and Legends in Art [site]

- Norse Mythology [site]
- Germanic Myths, Legends, and Sagas... [site]
- Scandinavian Mythology and Folklore... [site]
- Eddas and Sagas on the Internet [site]
- Viking/Norse Religion [site]
- In the Days of Giants: A Book of Nor... [site]
- Teutonic Mythology [site]
- Sagnanet [site]

- The Norse Creation Myth [site]
- Common Elements in Creation Myths... [site]
- Creation Myths from the Philippines... [site]
- The Samoan Story of Creation [site]

British and Celtic
- Celtic Religion and Mythology [site]
- Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology... [site]
- Legends: Erin and Alba [site]
- Tuatha De Danann, Genealogy, Fairies... [site]
- The Sacred Fire [site]
- Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race... [site]
- [site]
- The World of Gwdihw, Bard of Conwy... [site]

Comparative Mythology
- Myth of Creation [site]
- Common Elements in Creation Myths... [site]
- Encyclopedia Mythica [site]
- Hungarian Heritage Page: Myths and L... [site]
- Mythopedia [site]
- The Golden Bough [site]

- Maori Religion and Mythology [site]
- Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost... [site]
- Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu [site]
- Polynesian Mythology & Ancient T... [site]
- Legends of Ma-ui, A Demi God of Poly... [site]
- Oceanic Mythology [site]
- Hawaiian Legends of Volcanos [site]
- The Kumulipo - A Hawaiian Creation C... [site]

Greek Gods and Goddesses
- Greek Gods and Goddesses [site]
- Family Tree of Greek Gods and Goddes... [site]
- MythWeb [site]
- Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Mytholog... [site]

- Fruit of the Nile [site]
- Ancient Egypt: the Mythology [site]
- Assorted Egyptian Religious Texts... [site]
- Mythology Gallery Directory [site]
- Ancient Egyptian Religion [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Ancient Egyptian Myth... [site]
- Egyptian Mythology... [site]

Native American
- The Myths of the New World: A Treati... [site]
- Storytelling: the Art of Knowledge... [site]
- Traditions of the Hopi [site]
- Notes on Eskimo Traditions [site]
- The Myth of Hiawatha and Other Oral ... [site]
- The Thunder-bird Amongst the Algonki... [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Native Ar [site]

British and Celtic Irish
- A to Z of Ancient Ireland [site]
- Myths and Folklore of Ireland [site]
- Gods and Fighting Men [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Irish Mythology [site]
- Dates in Irish Myth and Legend [site]
- Tuatha De Danann Family Tree [site]
- Tír na nÓg: Folklore, Mythology, His... [site]
- Seanachi [site]
- Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklor... [site]

Assyro-Babylonian Gilgamesh
- The Epic of Gilgamesh [site]
- Gilgamesh - In Search of Immortality... [site]
- Gilgamesh [site]
- He Who Saw Everything [site]

- Indian Mythology [site]
- Hindu Gods [site]
- Myths and Legends of Indian Temples... [site]
- Lakshmi and Saraswati - Tales in Myt... [site]
- Stories for Children [site]

- Japanese Mythology [site]
- Japanese Myth [site]
- Japanese Mythology [site]

- Mythology Guide [site]
- Forged By Lightning: The Gods [site]
- Greek and Roman Mythology [site]
- Myth: Greco-Roman [site]
- Oxford Classical Mythology Online!... [site]
- Classical Myth: The Ancient Sources... [site]
- Classical Mythology Directory [site]

- The Creation Myth of Yayo [site]

Greek Heroes
- Jasons Angels [site]
- Trojan War Net [site]
- Heroic Behavior [] [site]
- Achilles [site]
- Story of the Trojan War - The Sequen... [site]
- The Golden Fleece and the Heroes Who... [site]

- Roman Deities [site]
- Roman Gods and Goddesses [site]
- Roman Mythology [site]
- Owls in Roman Mythology [site]
- Roman Goddesses Realm [site]
- The Mythology of Saturn [site]
- UNRV Roman History [site]

Norse Edda
- The Prose Edda [site]
- The Poetic Edda [site]
- Synopsis of Rydbergs Edda [site]
- Poetic Edda [site]

Australian Aboriginal
- Australian Legends [site]
- Some Myths and Legends of the Austra... [site]
- Australian Legendary Tales: Folk-Lor... [site]
- The Euahlayi Tribe [site]
- Australian Dreamtime [site]

- Mythology [site]
- Myths and Legends [site]

Native American Creation
- Creation Myths [site]
- The Navajo Creation Story [site]
- The Popol Vuh - The Creation Story o... [site]
- Blackfoot Creation and Origin Myths... [site]

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
- Miwu [site]

Greek Olympians
- Olympians [site]
- Olympians [site]
- Aphrodite [site]
- Ares [site]
- The Shrine of the Goddess Athena [site]

Mythologists Campbell, Joseph
- Yahoo! Groups: Joseph Campbell Mytho... [site]
- The Joseph Campbell Foundation [site]
- Mythic Journeys [site]

- Gateways to Babylon [site]

Egyptian Guides and Directories
- Egyptian Gods and Goddesses [site]
- Makaras Ancient Egyptian Site [site]

African Creation
- Creation in African Thought [site]

Greek Heracles
- Who Was Hercules? [site]
- Hercules - Labors - The Sources [Abo... [site]
- Hercules Mates [site]
- Hercules [site]

- Russian Folklore [site]
- Dazhdbog in Russian Mythology [site]
- Songs of the Russian People [site]

Native American Maya
- The Popol Vuh - The Creation Story o... [site]
- The Maya Gods [site]

- Some Aspects of Mordvin Mytholoygy... [site]

British and Celtic Ulster Cycle
- Cuchulain of Muirtheme [site]
- Cattle-Raid of Cooley [site]
- The Story of Mac Dathós Pig [site]

Egyptian Creation
- Creation [site]
- Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egypt ... [site]
- Egyptian Creation Myths [site]

Native American Aztec
- Aztec Mythology [site]
- Aztec Religion [site]

Modern Myths
- Laura Strongs Mythic Arts [site]
- Tragedys Workshop [site]
- In Search of Cupid and Psyche [site]
- The New Mythology [site]

Ancient Near Eastern
- Hittite/Hurrian Mythology [site]

- Myths and Legends of the Bantu [site]
- Into Africa Adventures [site]

Greek Muses
- Muses [] [site]
- The Nine Muses Of Ancient Greece [site]
- Muses [site]

Egyptian Isis
- World Myths and Legends in Art (Minn... [site]
- Crystal Links - Isis [site]
- Tour Egypt - Isis [site]

Japanese Creation
- The Kojiki [site]

Native American Central American
- Life and Death in Ancient Mexico [site]
- Native Origins [site]

- Claude Levi-Strauss: The Structural ... [site]

Greek Artemis
- Artemis [site]
- Artemis Transitions Goddess [site]
- The Goddess Artemis [site]


- ETCSL: Narrative and Mythological Co... [site]
- Lugalbanda Epic [site]
- Sumerian Mythology FAQ [site]

Assyro-Babylonian Creation
- Enuma Elish [site]
- The Seven Tablets of Creation [site]

Native American South American
- Inca Creation and Origin myths [site]
- The Myths of Mexico and Peru [site]
- Deity of Sky: One Way to Interpret t... [site]

Greek Dionysus
- Dionysus - The God a Foolish Mortal ... [site]
- Dionysos Links [site]
- Dionysos-L [site]

- Ancient Finnish Myths [site]
- Ancient Religion of the Finns [site]

Egyptian Bast



Chinese Creation
- Chinese Creation and Flood Myth [site]

Egyptian Amen and Amon Ra
- Tour Egypt - Amen and Amen-Ra [site]


Egyptian Osiris
- Egyptian Mythology - Osiris Cult [site]


Egyptian Hathor

Indian Creation
- The Laws of Manu [site]

Egyptian Anubis

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