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- Anatomy of the vocal tract [site]
- Phonological Atlas of North America... [site]
- Infography about Phonology [site]
- Analytic Listening: A New Approach t... [site]
- The Rhythmic Speech Museum [site]
- The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary [site]
- Auditory scales of frequency represe... [site]
- How to Pronounce "Ghoti"... [site]
- Phonological Atlas of North America... [site]
- Prosody on the Web [site]
- Rutgers Optimality Archive [site]
- Socrates [site]
- Magical Letter Page [site]
- Sounds of the Worlds Animals [site]
- Speech Accent Archive [site]
- Spoken Language Corpus [site]
- English Conversational Grunts [site]
- Studying Phonetics on the Net [site]
- Talking Heads [site]
- Linguistic Annotation [site]
- Linguistics and Phonetics Worldwide... [site]
- Speech Web Sites [site]
- The Kiel Intonation Modell (KIM) [site]
- Four Tones and Downtrend [site]
- Teaching English Intonation with a V... [site]
- Contrasted Phonology of English and ... [site]
- Speech Internet Dictionary [site]
- Vowels and Consonants [site]
- Virtual Language Laboratory [site]
- The SpeechDat Project [site]
(part 2)
- Phonetics: The Sounds of English and... [site]
- Acoustics of the vowel [site]

- Speech Analysis Tutorial [site]
- English phonemic transcription [site]
- Spectrogram Reading [site]
- Interactive Sagittal Section [site]
- English Phonetics and Phonology [site]
- ToDI - Transcription of Dutch Intona... [site]
- FeaturePad and PhonologyPad [site]
- General Phonetics [site]
- IPA Self-Test [site]
- Linear Predictive Vocoder as a Model... [site]

- Praat - A system for doing phonetics... [site]
- Development System for Auditory Mode... [site]
- JSyn - Java Audio Synthesis [site]
- Speech Synthesis and Analysis Softwa... [site]
- Speech Filing System Home Page [site]
- Optimality Theory Software [site]
- JavaSpeechLab [site]
- IPACLICK [site]

International Phonetic Alphabet
- International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA... [site]
- Say... [site]
- The IPA in Unicode [site]
- A Sound Reference to the IPA [site]
- International Phonetic Association... [site]
- IPAScript [site]
- Typing IPA symbols in Word for Windo... [site]

Institutions and Organisations
- University of Cambridge Phonetics La... [site]
- UCL Phonetics and Linguistics [site]
- University of Essex Department of La... [site]
- U. W. Linguistic Phonetics Laborator... [site]
Institutions and Organisations (part 2)
- International Phonetic Association... [site]
- Institute of Phonetic Sciences [site]

International Phonetic Alphabet Fonts
- Doulos SIL Font [site]
- IPA-SAM [site]
- SIL Encore IPA Fonts [site]

International Phonetic Alphabet Alternative Systems
- SAMPA [site]
- Usenet IPA/ASCII transcription [site]

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