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- Cracking the Ice Age [site]
- Quaternary Paleoenvironmental and Pa... [site]
- Beringian Atlas [site]
- Quaternary Research at University of... [site]
- Climate Change Institute, University... [site]
- Climate Change Institute, University... [site]
- NOVA Online - Warnings from the Ice... [site]

- World Glacier Monitoring Service (WG... [site]
- Institute for Arctic and Alpine Rese... [site]
- Peter Knights Glaciers [site]
- Michael Studingers Homepage [site]
- Stockholm University Glaciology [site]
- Satellite Images: Glaciers [site]
- The Crevasse Zone [site]
- USGS Benchmark Glaciers [site]

Age-Dating Techniques Dendrochronology
- Lamont-Doherty Tree Ring Lab [site]
- Aegean Dendrochronology Project [site]
- Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research, I... [site]
- Dendrochronology [site]
- University of Arkansas Tree-Ring Lab... [site]

Quaternary Climate Change
- USITASE International Trans-Antarcti... [site]
- Paleoclimate and Carbon Dioxide [site]

- Journal of Quaternary Science [site]

Ice-Coring Projects
- GISP2 - Greenland Ice Sheet Project ... [site]

- Irish Association for Quaternary Stu... [site]
- Australasian Quaternary Association... [site]

Quaternary Paleoecology

- Polar Pointers [site]

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Age-Dating Techniques

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