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- Folklore [site]
- Axis Mundi [site]
- The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures [site]
- Image: A Journal of the Arts and Rel... [site]
- Culture and Religion [site]
- Bulletin of the Nanzan Institute for... [site]
- Japanese Journal of Religious Studie... [site]
- Religion and the Arts [site]
- Religious and Theological Abstracts... [site]
- Teaching Theology and Religion [site]
- Reviews in Religion and Theology [site]
- Religious Studies [site]
- Harvard Divinity Bulletin [site]
- Journal of Ecclesiastical History... [site]
- Journal of Feminist Studies in Relig... [site]
- The Journal of Southern Religion [site]
- Religion [site]
- Journal of Religious History [site]

Academic Departments
- Florida International University [site]
- Stanford University [site]
- Dartmouth College [site]
- Princeton University [site]
- California State University, Chico... [site]
- Arizona State University, Tempe [site]
- University of North Carolina [site]
- University of Bridgeport [site]
- Southern Methodist University [site]
- Western Illinois University [site]
- Emory University [site]
- Colby College [site]
- Brown University [site]
- Syracuse University [site]
- Harvard University [site]
- California State University, Northri... [site]
- Emory University [site]
- University of Pennsylvania [site]

Eastern Religions Buddhism
- [site]
- Chan and Zen Buddhism [site]
- Buddhist Scriptures Information Retr... [site]
- Buddhism in Brazil [site]
- H-Buddhism [site]
- Resources for the Study of Buddhism... [site]
- International Research Institute for... [site]
- Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies... [site]
- University of the West [site]
- Karmapa International Buddhist Insti... [site]
- Thinking in Buddhism: Nagarjunas Mid... [site]
- College of Buddhist Studies [site]
- Japanese Buddhism [site]
- Buddhism Comes to Main Street [site]

Sociology of Religion
- Association of Statisticians of Amer... [site]
- Helland, Christopher [site]
- American Religious Experience [site]

New Religious Movements Scientology
- Scientology - Is This a Religion?... [site]

- Religious Studies Web Guide [site]
- Virtual Religion Index [site]
- Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Stud... [site]

New Religious Movements
- Cults and Religion: Nurelweb [site]
- Online Texts About Cults and New Rel... [site]
- Cults: From Positive to Homicidal Fa... [site]
- When Scholars Know Sin: Alternative ... [site]
New Religious Movements (part 2)
- International Cultic Studies Associa... [site]
- Center for Studies on New Religions ... [site]
- Bible History Online Images and Reso... [site]

- The Parrotfish Company [site]
- The Professional Council for Religio... [site]

- Festshchrift in Honor of Charles Spe... [site]

Eastern Religions
- Spiritual Traditions of China [site]
- Japanese Religions in America Select... [site]

Personal Pages
- Ruland, Vernon [site]

New Religious Movements Journals
- Cultic Studies Journal [site]

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