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Works Fiction
- HorrorMasters -- Rudyard Kipling [site]
- Kim [site]
- Kim [site]
- Mary Postgate [site]
- Puck of Pooks Hill [site]
- Rudyard Kipling [site]
- The Pilgrims Way [site]
- The Light That Failed [site]
- Bibliomania [site]
- Captains Courageous [site]
- Plain Tales From the Hills [site]
- The Man Who Would Be King [site]
- The Story of the Gadsbys [site]
- The Days Work [site]
- The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost... [site]
- The Mother Hive [site]
- They [site]
- With The Night Mail [site]
- They [site]
- Stalky and Co. [site]
- Soldiers Three [site]
- Rikki-Tikki-Tavi [site]
- Rewards and Fairies [site]
- Under the Deodars [site]
- At the End of the Passage [site]
- Actions and Reactions [site]
- The Man Who Was [site]
- A Conference Of The Powers [site]

Works Poetry
- The Mary Gloucester [site]
- If [site]
- Prelude [site]
- Tomlinson [site]
- The White Mans Burden [site]
- Alnaschar and the Oxen [site]
- If [site]
- My Boy Jack [site]
- Dover Thrift Editions [site]
- A Complete Collection of Poems [site]
- The Last Department [site]
- The Female of the Species [site]
- The Ballad of the East and West [site]
- The Way Through the Woods [site]
Works Poetry (part 2)
- Recessional [site]
- Poetry Lovers Page [site]
- The Outsong [site]
- The Last of The Light Brigade [site]
- Mandalay [site]
- Collected Poems [site]
- Gunga Din [site]
- Danny Deever [site]
- Poets Corner - Selected Works [site]
- Poems [site]
- Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), Writer ... [site]
- World War I, The Battle of Jutland... [site]
- Monadnock [site]
- Batemans [site]
- Jiscmail Archives of Rudyard Kipling... [site]
- Song Texts [site]
- Rudyard Kipling and Music [site]
- Nobel Laureate in Literature [site]
- The Mumbai Pages [site]
- Kipling Society [site]
- Boy Scouting [site]
- The Cushing Memorial Library [site]
- Victorian Web [site]
- University of Sussex Special Collect... [site]
- The Jungle Book Collection [site]
- Syracuse University Library [site]
- Peter Keeps on Kipling [site]

- Kiplings Imperialism [site]
- Kiplings Early Period [site]
- Colonialism and Morality in The Moon... [site]
- Kim, by Rudyard Kipling [site]
- Kipling, Kim, and Anthropology [site]
- Ship Me Somewhere East of Suez [site]
- Hybridity and History [site]
- With the Night Mail [site]
- Freemasonry [site]
- The Bard of British Imperialism [site]
- Kiplings Notion of Race in Plain Tal... [site]
- Kiplings Middle Period [site]
- Kiplings Burden [site]
- Kiplings Later Period [site]
- U.S. Scouting Service Project [site]
- The Ballad of East and West [site]

- Rudyard Kipling [site]
- Kipling, Rudyard [site]
- The Dalhousie Rudyard Kipling Collec... [site]
- Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) [site]
Biographies (part 2)
- Making the World Small [site]
- Cyber Hymnal: Rudyard Kipling [site]
- Free Sci-Fi Classics: Rudyard Kiplin... [site]
- Wikipedia: Rudyard Kipling [site]

- Words - Rudyard Kipling [site]
- Literature Network: Rudyard Kipling... [site]
- Kipling, Rudyard [site]
- Free Online Library [site]
- American Notes [site]
- Penn States Electronic Classics Seri... [site]
- The Project Gutenberg [site]

Works Jungle Books, The
- The Jungle Book [site]
- The Jungle Book [site]
- The Jungle Book [site]
- The Second Jungle Book [site]
- The Jungle Books [site]

Works Just So Stories
- The Elephants Child [site]
- The Elephants Child [site]
- How the Leopard Got His Spots [site]
- Just So Stories [site]

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