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- Cobalt Pet Shortwave Web-Log [site]
- Save the BBC World Service [site]
- Coastal Radio [site]
- European Gospel Shortwave Radio [site]
- [site]
- The Listening Post - Shortwave [site]
- Amateur Radio World-Wide - NW7US [site]
- Bluegrass DaVinci Fellowship [site]
- Spy Centre [site]
- HFCC - High Frequency Co-ordination ... [site]
- Web -controlled Shortwave Receivers... [site]
- Radio Portal [site]

DX Listening
- Zona Latino [site]
- The DXZone [site]
- The Art of Listening to Distant Sign... [site]
- Shortwave DX Information [site]
- Jorma Mantylas DX QSL Page [site]
- Hard-Core-DX [site]
- FM DX Web [site]
- My DXing [site]
- UK DXers Home of the Satellite Feeds... [site]
- K-W Amateur Radio Club [site]
- Pirate/Free Radio [site]

Equipment Receivers
- DRB-30 Digital Radio Box [site]
- Kenwood R-5000 Receiver Users Group... [site]
- Modern Shortwave Receiver Survey [site]
- Sangean ATS-909/Radio Shack DX-398 F... [site]
- Grundig Satellit 900 Group [site]
- The Yaesu FRG-7 Users Notice Board... [site]

Equipment Software and Computer Control
- FTBasic - Computer control of Yaesu ... [site]
- Software for Shortwave Listeners [site]
- WiNRADiO Communications [site]
- Propfire - HF Propagation Browser B... [site]
- ILG - International Listening Guide ... [site]
- The Swezey Digital Filter Program!... [site]

DX and Radio Groups
- [site]
- Utility DXers Forum [site]
- N2BMP [site]
- Shortwave Programs [site]
- ANARC -- The Association of North Am... [site]

Frequency, Schedule and Programming Guides
- Electronic DX Press Asia Link [site]
- WWW Shortwave Listening Guide [site]
- Transmitter Documentation Project Pa... [site]
- Listen to the World [site]
- English Language Transmissions [site]
- WRTH - The World Radio and TV Handbo... [site]
- Africalist! [site]

DX and Radio Groups National
- Finnish DX Association [site]
- British DX Club (BDXC-UK) [site]

Frequency, Schedule and Programming Guides Broadcasters Schedule

- North Country Radio [site]

Equipment Peripherals and Add-Ons
- Harrys Homebrew Homepage [site]
- Quantics W9GR Digital Signal Process... [site]

Equipment Antennas

DX and Radio Groups Regional and Local
- Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc... [site]
- Minnesota DX Club [site]

DX and Radio Groups Long and Mediumwave
- International Radio Club of America... [site]

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