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Bridge History People Strauss, Joseph Baerman
- Joseph Baermann Strauss

Bridge Rehabilitation
- Shared Vision - Community Bridge Project...

Bridge Research Centers
- Bridge Engineering Software & Technology...
- Bridge Research Center - University of I...
- Bridge Research Group - University of Ca...
- Research in Timber Bridge Systems

Bridge Software
- Bridge Software Institute
- Leap Software Inc.
- Limit State Ring2.0
- Masonry Arch Analysis Software
- Scanscot Technology
- Simplified Bridge Solutions Ltd.
- StoFlo: Rainflow Cycle Counting in Excel...

Bridge Publications

Bridge History People Town, Ithiel
- Town's Lattice Truss

Bridge History People Watson, Wilbur J
- Watson, Wilbur J.

Bridge History People Whipple, Squire
- America's Railroads and Skyscrapers Inde...
- Bridge-Building*
- Squire Whipple

Bridge History People Wrought Iron Bridge Company
- Wrought Iron Bridge Company*

Bridge Structures Moveable
- Atlantic Beach Bridge

Bridge Structures Suspension
- Building the Mackinac Bridge
- The Humber Bridge
- The Millennium Bridge

- ASCE Structural Control Committee
- How Smart Structures Will Work
- Structural Control Research
- Structural Dynamics and Vibration Contro...
- UIUC - Smart Structures Technology Labor...

Bridge Structures
- Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
- Fiboro Bridges

Bridge Structures Cable Stayed
- Clark Bridge - Alton, Illinois
- The US 82 Greenville Bridge

Bridge Structures Image Galleries
- Shiawassee County Bridges Old and New
- New York Bridges
- Charles Bridge Image Tour

Bridge History People Lennox, David
- David Lennox

Bridge History People Leonhardt, Fritz
- Fritz Leonhardt
- Structures of Leonhardt, Andra and Partn...

Bridge History People Lindenthal, Gustav
- Hudson River Bridge (unbuilt)
- Lindenthal, Gustav

Bridge History People Maillart, Robert
- Robert Maillart

Bridge History People King Bridge Company
- The King Bridge Company Museum

Bridge History People Figg, Eugene
- Structurae: Eugene Figg

Bridge History People Fink, Albert
- Famous Americans: Albert Fink

Bridge History People Finley, James
- James Finley

Bridge History People Fox, Sir Charles

Bridge History People Keystone Bridge Company
- Historic Bridges of the Midwest
- Keystone Bridge Co. v Phoenix Iron Co.

Bridge History People McCullough, Conde B
- Conde B. McCullough
- Oregon State University: Conde B. McCull...

Bridge History People Rennie, John
- John Rennie
- Wikipedia: John Rennie

Bridge History People Roebling, Johann Augustus
- John Roebling
- Long and Short Span Railway Bridges*
- Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge*
- Roebling and the Brooklyn Bridge

Bridge History People Steinman, David Bernard
- Mackinac Bridge

Bridge History People Modjeski, Ralph
- Mid-Hudson Bridge
- Ralph Modjeski

Bridge History People Monash, John

Bridge History People Morison, George Shattuck

Bridge History People Palmer, Timothy

Bridge History People Perronet, Jean-Rodolphe
- Jean-Rodolphe Perronet

Bridge History People Phoenix Bridge Company
- Album of Designs of the Phoenixville Bri...*
- Album of Designs of the Phoenix Bridge C...*

Bridge History People Stephenson, George
- Structurae: George Stephenson

Earthquake Engineering Control
- Advanced Structural Control: Earthquake ...
- Antiseismic Control: Structural Research...
- Base Isolation: Origins and Development...
- BFRL Publications - base isolation
- Building Research Institute (BRI)of Japa...
- Dynamic Analysis of Base-Isolation Highw...
- Dynamic System Modeling, Sensing and Con...
- Fluid Viscous Damping as an Alternative ...
- History, Design and Application of Fluid...
- Structural Control Proceedings
- Structural Dynamics - Seismic Response C...
- UIUC - Smart Structures Technology Labor...

Personal Pages
- David Schnerch

University Departments
- Department of Civil and Structural Engin...
- Imperial College, London: Structural Eng...
- Texas A&M University
- University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
- Washington State University

Earthquake Engineering Products and Services
- Star Seismic
- Taylor Devices, Inc.
- WorkSafe Technologies offers
- QuakeWrap
- GERB Schwingungsisolierungen GmbH & Co. ...
- Earthquake Solutions
- Gas Control Technologies, L.L.C.

Dams Failures
- Baldwin Hills Dam
- Buffalo Creek Disaster
- Cracking Dams - Advanced level
- Notable Dam Failures - Washington
- Stava Tailings Dam Failure

Dams Grand Coulee
- Grand Coulee Dam
- Grand Coulee Dam
- Grand Coulee Dam Collection
- Grand Coulee Dam Photo Gallery
- Wikipedia: Grand Coulee Dam

- California Dam Safety
- Dams
- German Dam Research and Technology:
- Introduction to Dams
- Parker Dam
- Parker Dam and Powerplant
- The Dam Site

Dams Aswan
- Wikipedia: Aswan Dam
- Thirty years after the construction of t...
- The First Aswan Dam

Dams History
- A Brief History of Steel Dams

Dams Hoover
- Hoover Dam
- Wikipedia: Hoover Dam

Dams Organizations
- Association of State Dam Safety Official...
- Hydrocoop
- International Commission on Large Dams -...

Earthquake Engineering
- Linbeck Distinguished Lecture Series in ...
- Statistical Ground Motion Models
- Structural Systems and Engineering (SSE)...
- The Australian Earthquake Engineering So...
- The George Housner Earthquake Engineerin...
- USC Strong Motion Research Group
- USGS - National Seismic Hazard Mapping P...
- ShakeZone for Kids
- Shake Table
- Middle East Seismological Forum - MESF
- National Information Service for Earthqu...
- Network for Earthquake Engineering Simul...
- NZSEE Home page
- Out-of-Plane Seismic Resistance of Mason...
- Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research ...
- PEER Strong Motion Database
- PEER: Tall Buildings Initiative
- Progress and Challenges in Performance-B...
- Seismic Resistance Experiment Center (Ja...
- International Association for Earthquake...
- Damage of Steel Piers at Kobe Earthquake...
- Earthquake Country Handbook (SCEC)
- Earthquake Engineering Abstracts (EEA)
- Earthquake Engineering and other Researc...
- Earthquake Engineering Projects Summarie...
- Earthquake Engineering Research Center -...
- Earthquake Engineering Research Centre (...
- Earthquake Engineering Research Institut...
- Earthquake Engineering Research Institut...
- Earthquake Engineering Technology of New...
- California Seismic Safety Commission (CS...
- ABAG Data on Earthquakes and Housing
- Earthquake Research Institute (Japan)

Bridge Failures Saint Lawrence River
- Quebec Bridge Failure

Bridge Failures Schoharie Creek
- Schoharie Creek Bridge Collapse

Bridge Failures Scour
- Scour at Bridges - - What's it All About...
- Using Surface Geophysics for Bridge Scou...

Bridge Failures Tacoma Narrows
- A Bridge to Remember
- Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Bridge Failures Firth of Tay
- Forensic Engineering: The Tay Bridge Dis...
- McGonagall Online: The Tay Bridge Disast...
- Tay Bridge Disaster

Bridge Failures Hoan Bridge
- Wisconsin Highways: Hoan Bridge 2000

Bridge Failures Minneapolis
- BBC : US Bridge 'Design Issue' Detected...
- BBC: Bridge Collapses into Mississippi

Bridge Failures Point Pleasant
- The Silver Bridge
- The Collapse of the Silver Bridge
- Silver Bridge Disaster

Bridge History
- Building a Bridge
- China Bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges Covered
- A Guide to Oregon Covered Bridges
- Ashtabula County Ohio Covered Bridge Fes...
- Cottage Grove's Covered Bridges
- Covered Bridges
- Covered Bridges of Indiana
- Historic Covered Bridges of Michigan
- National Society for the Preservation of...
- New Brunswick Covered Bridges
- Spanning Time: Vermont's Covered Bridges...
- The Covered Bridges of New Brunswick
- Wikipedia: Covered bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges Asia

Bridge History Historic Bridges
- A Span For All Seasons
- Digital Bridges

Bridge History Historic Bridges Aqueducts
- Roman Aqueducts
- Aqueduct
- Chirk and Pontcysyllte Aqueducts
- Pont Du Gard
- Roman Aqueduct Manual

Bridge Failures Ashtabula River
- Ashtabula Rail Bridge, 1876

Blast Protection
- Blast-Resistant Structures*
- Protective Technology Center
- Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete In...
- Design Failure Lessons - Hyatt Regency H...
- SAC Steel Project
- SEsite
- Structural Stability
- The Tunnel Page

- Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute - C...
- European Group for Structural Engineerin...
- Georgia (SEAoG)
- Institution of Structural Engineers
- Oregon (SEAO)
- Southern African Institute of Steel Cons...
- Structural Engineers Association of Metr...
- Washington (SEAW)
- California (SEAoC)
- Association for Structural Engineers of ...
- American Concrete Institute
- Arizona (SEAoA)

- Arizona Department of Transportation Bri...
- Bridge Administration Division: U.S.Coas...
- Bridge and Structures Office - Washingto...
- Bridge Design and Assessment
- How Stuff Works: Beam, Arch and Suspensi...
- International Bridge Conference
- Load and Resistance Factor Design
- NOVA Online: Super Bridge
- The BridgeSite

Bridge Failures
- Awful Plunge
- Br 169 Lancaster and Carlisle Line
- Learning from Failure: Engineering Disas...
- Merrillan Bridge Collapse
- Rush Street Bridges
- The Millennium Bridge
- Walnut Street Bridge (Harrisburg)
- Wood Bridge Failure Analysis

Bridge Associations
- Concrete Bridge Development Group - (CBD...
- National Concrete Bridge Council
- Association for Bridge Construction and ...

Bridge Academic Departments

Bridge History People Berlin Iron Bridge Company
- Berlin Iron Bridge Company

Bridge History People Boller, Alfred Pancoast
- Madison Avenue Bridge
- Practical Treatise on the Construction o...*
- University Heights Bridge

Bridge History People Bollman, Wendle
- The Bollman Truss

Bridge History People Bouch, Thomas
- Sir Thomas Bouch
- Who was Thomas Bouch?

Bridge History People Beedy, Daniel
- Daniel Beedy

Bridge History People Ammann, Othmar
- Bridging New York
- Othmar Ammann
- Othmar Ammann's Glory
- Othmar Hermann Ammann
- Structurae: Othmar Herrmann Ammann

Bridge History People Arrol, Sir William

Bridge History People Baker, Sir Benjamin
- Sir Benjamin Baker

Bridge History People Bradfield, J. J. C.
- Bradfield, John Job Crew
- Papers of J.C. Bradfield
- Structurae: John Job Crew Bradfield

Bridge History People Cubitt, Sir William

Bridge History People Darby, Abraham
- Ironbridge

Bridge History People Dredge, James
- Modern Examples of Road and Railway Brid...*

Bridge History People Eads, James
- Eads Bridge
- James Eads
- Secrets of a Master Builder

Bridge History People Cardoso, Edgar
- Homenagem a Edgar Cardoso

Bridge History People Cooper, Theodore
- Quebec Bridge Failure

Bridge History People Cret, Paul Philippe
- University Avenue Bridge
- The Paul Philippe Cret Collection
- The Civic Architecture of Paul Cret
- An Inventory of his Drawings, 1930-1945...
- Paul Philippe Cret (1876-1945)

Bridge History People Ellet, Charles
- Report on a Rail-way Suspension Bridge A...*
- Building Bridges: Recognition of a Pione...

Bridge History People
- Sir John Fowler and the Forth Railway Br...
- The Burr Truss

Bridge History Historic Bridges Europe
- Bridges of Paris

Bridge History Historic Bridges UK Forth Rail Bridge
- Forth Rail Bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges UK London Bridge
- The London Bridge
- The London Bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges UK Menai Strait Bridges
- Menai Strait Bridges

Bridge History Historic Bridges Middle East

Bridge History Historic Bridges Italy
- Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
- The Tiber River, Tiber Bridges, and Tibe...
- Wikipedia: Pons Fabricius
- Wikipedia: Rialto Bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges UK
- Tower Bridge Experience
- Tyne Bridge - Icon of Industrial Age
- Marple's Iron Bridge
- M&GN Breydon Viaduct
- Clifton Suspension Bridge
- Dunkeld Bridge
- England's Oldest Bridge is Found at Test...

Bridge History Historic Bridges North America

Bridge History Historic Bridges Canada
- Bridges of Hamilton, Ontario

Bridge History Historic Bridges US Benjamin Franklin Bridge

Bridge History Historic Bridges Oceania
- Bridge Construction in Australia

Bridge History Historic Bridges US
- Historic Bridges of the US
- San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
- The Bridge Project
- The Frontiersmen of New York - Bridges
- The Original Greenville Bridge
- The Rupert Train Bridge
- Young's High Bridge
- Historic Bridges of Oregon
- Historic Bridges in Butte, Nevada and Yu...
- Ambassador Bridge
- Arlington Memorial Bridge
- Bridges
- Connecticut's Historic Highway Bridges
- Connecticut's Historic Highway Bridges
- Friends of McGilvray Road
- Highway Bridges: A Northern California S...
- Historic Bridges - Mercer County Pennsyl...

Bridge History Historic Bridges Oceania Sydney Harbour Bridge

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