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- Killing Yourself [site]
- Suicide & Philosophy [site]
- Suicide [site]
- Suicide [site]
- Morality of Suicide [site]
- The Right to Suicide by Patty Fleene... [site]
- Suicide: A Civil Right [site]
- Is There a Duty to Die? [site]
- The Absurd Hero [site]
- The Ethical Debate [site]
- The Murder of Oneself [site]
- Suicide and Assisted Suicide [site]
- Suicide and the Immortality of the S... [site]
- Metapsychology Online Book Reviews -... [site]
- Assisted Suicide Is Bootleg Suicide,... [site]
- Kevorkian Lies, and Suicide by Thoma... [site]
- Book Review: Fatal Freedom [site]
- Summa Theologica II-II, 64, 5 [site]
- The complete works of Robert Green I... [site]

- List of Famous Suicides [site]
- Life and Death of Lolo Ferrari [site]
- Death of a Rock Star [site]
- Suicide: Dead Musician Directory [site]
- George Eastman Kodak [site]
- The Paul Lafargue Internet Archive... [site]
- Boltzmann [site]
- Memorial page [site]
- Excerpts from Touching From a Distan... [site]
- Pascin [site]
- Love? Duty? or Sacrifice? -- The Sat... [site]
- Memories of Michael [site]
- Politicians Who Committed Suicide... [site]
- Suicide Memorial [site]
- Cesare Pavese [site]
- Margaux Hemingway Committed Suicide... [site]
- Child Suicide Spurs HMO Lawsuit [site]
- Bizarre Suicides [site]
- Rumors about Jack Londons Death [site]

- No Fear? [site]
- Stopping a Suicide [site]
- Buddhism and Suicide [site]
- The Other Side of the Trigger [site]
- Fierce Goodbye [site]
- What If Life Just Sucks? [site]
- Will God Forgive Someone for Committ... [site]
- Anglican Church in America [site]
- Contemplating Suicide? [site]
- Rational Suicide and the Dearth of C... [site]
- So Shine [site]
- Comparative Index to Islam : Suicide... [site]
- Ask the Rabbi - Burying a Suicide... [site]
- Suicide and the Silence of Scripture... [site]
- Roman Catholic Church [site]
- LCMS FAQ: Suicide [site]
- Suicide Lodge [site]
- Suicide Contagion & Reporting Su... [site]
- Suicide [site]
- Suicide Survivor FAQs [site]
- The Many Languages of Suicide [site]
- Death: Suicide [site]
- Ethics Side of Suicide [site]
- A Crisis of Choice [site]
- Suicide [site]
- Leaving You: The Cultural History of... [site]
- Suicide is Painless [site]
- LIFE: Living is for Everyone [site]
- What if Someone Commits Suicide [site]

- A Practical Guide To Suicide [site]
- How to Kill Yourself Using the Inhal... [site]
- Methods Information [site]
- Death with Dignity FAQ: Section 8... [site]
- Suicide and Attempted Suicide: Metho... [site]
- NPR : My Final Landing: [site]
- Seppuku [site]
- Suicide By Cop [site]
- Suicide by Cop [site]

- Jack Kevorkian Art [site]
- Andy Warhol- Suicide [site]
- Suicide Tree [site]
- Death of Socrates [site]
- Bill Thomas: Suicide [site]
- Before Suicide [site]
- Suicide Through the Eyes of the Arti... [site]
- Love Not Suicide [site]
- The Suicide of Saul [site]
- Phoenix Art Museum - Frida Kahlo: Su... [site]

- U.S. Supreme Court Opinions [site]
- British Medical Journal: The law on ... [site]
- Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction... [site]
- Oregon Death with Dignity Act [site]
- What Is The Current Law Regarding As... [site]
- Legal Definition of Suicide [site]
- Montesquieu: The Spirit of Laws: Boo... [site]
- Montesquieu: The Spirit of Laws: Boo... [site]

- If I Were To Write A Suicide Letter... [site]
- A Suicide Letter [site]
- Dying Words of Famous People [site]
- Tips on Writing Suicide Notes [site]
- On Reading Valedictory Texts: Suicid... [site]
- CNN O.J. Simpson Trial News: The Sui... [site]
- Suicide Note [site]
- The Whiny Goth Kids Page [site]

- A Confession by Leo Tolstoy [site]
- Death Will Have His Day: Suicide [site]
- The Eclipse: A Memoir of Suicide [site]
- Goethe, J. W. von. 1917. The Sorrows... [site]
- Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo ... [site]
- The Sorrows of Young Werther [site]

- Daughter of Suicide [site]
- Girl On the Bridge [site]
- Ikinai: They Were Happy Because They... [site]
- On The Edge - Film Review on RTE ent... [site]
- Concepts of Suicide in Kiarostamis T... [site]

- Urban Legends Reference Pages: Colle... [site]
- The Lemming: the Mass Suicide Myth E... [site]
- Deconstructing Ronald Opus - Urban L... [site]
- Myths of Suicide Loss [site]
- Do Octopuses Commit Suicide? [site]

History Masada
- Josephus Describes Mass Suicide at M... [site]
- Masada: the Credibility of Josephus... [site]
- Masada [site]
- Masada: Desert Fortress Overlooking ... [site]
- The Religious Movements Page: Masada... [site]

Cult Jonestown
- Alternative Considerations of Jonest... [site]
- Jonestown Massacre Plus 20: Question... [site]
- Jonestown: Jim Jones and the Peoples... [site]
- Reverend Jim Jones & Mass Suicid... [site]
- The Peoples Temple, Jim Jones [site]

- Seppuku - Ritual Suicide [site]
- The Tradition of Sati in India [site]
- Suicide For Honor And Country [site]

- Suicidal Ideation in Virtual Support... [site]
- Website blamed for student suicide... [site]
- CNN: South Korean Deaths Linked to S... [site]

- Order of the Solar Temple [site]
- FACTNet Psychosis And Suicide [site]
- More Than 200 Die in Uganda Cult Mas... [site]

- I Haue Often Such a Sickly Inclinati... [site]
- Suicide in Early Modern Europe [site]

- Frequently Asked Questions: Suicide... [site]
- Laymans Guide To Suicide [site]

- United States Suicide Statistics [site]
- USA Suicide Summary: 1999 Official F... [site]

- Social Facts and Suicide [site]
- Kearls Guide to the Sociology of Dea... [site]

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