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- The X-Files According to CrazyMonkie... [site]
- X-Files X-Posed [site]
- X-Files Unofficial Site [site]
- X-Trordinary X-Files [site]
- XFile345s X-Files [site]
- XF Online [site]
- The X Files: The Truth Is In Here... [site]
- The X-Files [site]
- X-Philes [site]
- The X-Files TV Show [site]
- The X-Files For The X-Philes [site]
- The X-Files 101 [site]
- X-Site-ing Adventures of Minna the M... [site]
- X-Files Info [site]
- X-Files European Society [site]
- X-Files According to Em [site]
- The X-Files Compilation [site]

Fan Fiction Authors
- The Federal Bureau of Imagination... [site]
- Spooky Jr. [site]
- Smokerfanfics [site]
- Humor Hut [site]
- Jenns X-File Shipper Fanfics [site]
- X Files Stories by Mary Ruth Keller... [site]
- Vickies Mulderfest [site]
- X-Files Fan Fiction of Kristy Anders... [site]
- The Underground [site]
- Motel Blu Neon [site]
- Gabis X-Files FanFic [site]
- Barnetts Creative Outlet [site]
- Writing Machine Central [site]
- Kingdom of X [site]
- Xphilas Shippy X Files Fan Fic [site]
- Kate Dyer, X-Files Fan Fic Author... [site]
- Jens X-Files Fanfic [site]
- Eileen S. Whipples X-Files Fan Ficti... [site]

Characters Mulder and Scully
- Mulder + Scully = True Love [site]
- Musings of an X-Phile Butterfly [site]
- Leias ShipperNation [site]
- The S Files: The Love Is Out There... [site]
- Jessica Beths X-Files Site [site]
- The M&S Love Connection [site]
- Kiplers Relationship Episode Guide... [site]
- Philers [site]
- Foxchasers X-Files Shippers Den [site]
- Mulder and Scullys Secrets [site]
- Nickys Ultimate X-Files Shippers [site]
- The FBI Romance Institute [site]
- Cabin X [site]
- Scully098s X-Files [site]
- Gerties Shipper Friendly X-Files [site]

Fan Fiction
- Doggett Torture Anonymous [site]
- The Animal Files [site]
- Ephemeral [site]
- 2002 Spooky Awards [site]
- The Truth is a Lie [site]
- The Haunted House Archive [site]
- You Are My Touchstone [site]
- Fran58s Fanfiction Addiction [site]
- I Made This Productions [site]
- The Gossamer Project [site]
- Zuffys X-Files [site]
- Angst Archive [site]
- "Fox & Rat" Virtual Se... [site]
- Laras Favorites [site]
- Filking Through the Conspiracies of ... [site]
- Strange Realities [site]
- AVs X-Files Fanfic Collection [site]
- Buffy/X-Files Crossover Fan Fiction... [site]
- Incredibly Short Fic [site]
- Works in Progress and Update Archive... [site]
- The X-Files Interactive Story [site]

Chats and Forums Mailing Lists
- Chaos Mailing Lists [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-Files_over_30 [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-philes [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Fox_mulder_files [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-philes_unite [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: TrustNoOne [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: TXFSpoilers [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: TheX-FilesSounds [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-Files_Fanatics [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Mulder_and_Scully [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Xffbi [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Mulder_files_1121 [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: The X-Files Pics [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Xfilesfans [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Anasazi [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Theconsortium [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Xfspoilers [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-files [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Xflovers [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Everything-XFiles [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: X-Files101 [site]

- WebRing: X-Files International [site]
- WebRing: European X-Files Society... [site]
- The X-Files Ring [site]
- The Truth is Out There Web Ring [site]
- The Grey Ring [site]
- WebRing: Deny Everything [site]
- WebRing: The Society of X [site]
- X-Files Link Exchange [site]
- The X Files Citizens Webring [site]
- Thornfield Hall: X-Files [site]

Episode Guides
- Ezris X-Files site [site]
- Inside The X: X-Files Episode Transc... [site]
- Red Wolfs X-Files Episode Guide [site]
- Episode List: The X-Files [site]
- The X-Files Episode Guide [site]
- Als X-Files Page [site]
- Norman Lims X-Files Episode Guide... [site]
- Pazsaz Entertainment Network: X-File... [site]
- Hus Episode Guides - The X-Files [site]
- X-Files Episode Guide... [site]
- CarriKs X-Files Episode Transcripts... [site]
- Generation Terrorists X-Files Quotes... [site]

Fan Art
- X-Files [site]
- The Mulder & Scully Art Gallery... [site]
- Tuathas Virtual XF Art Gallery [site]
- The XPhiles Artist Site Ring [site]
- The Foxsong Gallery [site]
- Amy S.W.s Art Gallery [site]

- Agent Xs X-Files [site]
- The Asylum for X-Philes [site]
- Absolute X-Files [site]
- Absolutely X-Files [site]
- Ascending to X [site]
- Another XF Page [site]
- AVs X-Files Site [site]
- Access X [site]
- Area X. F. [site]

- The X-Files In-Jokes List [site]
- The X-Files Shack [site]
- Mulder and Scullys Bogus Journey [site]
- The Scooby Doo / X-Files Conspiracy ... [site]
- Weasels Original, Olde X-Files Mulde... [site]
- WWWF Grudge Match: Scooby-Doo vs. Th... [site]

Fan Fiction Directories
- X-Files Fanfiction 101: An Introduct... [site]
- Look Into My Heart Fanfic Archive... [site]
- Web Ring: X-File Fanfic Recommendati... [site]
- The Map Room [site]
- WebRing: Shippers Who Like Doggett... [site]
- Ninas Realm of the Xtreme [site]
- WebRing: The John Doggett Fanfic Rin... [site]
- WebRing: The John Doggett Fanfic Rin... [site]
- WebRing: X_fairys X-files Fanfic Web... [site]
- WebRing: Spooky Writers [site]
- WebRing: John Doggett [site]

Image Galleries
- The X-Files DVD Screen Grabs Archive... [site]
- The X-files Presskit Photos and Post... [site]
- Robins X-Files [site]
- Musings of a Non-Smoker [site]
- The David And Gillian Togetherness M... [site]
Image Galleries (part 2)
- Spooky42s X-Files Page [site]

Characters Scully, Dana
- Slice of a Scalpel [site]
- Order of the Blessed St. Scully the ... [site]
- Hang Scully [site]
- WebRing: Scully Appreciation Society... [site]
- The Science Behind The X-Files [site]
- The X-Files [site]
- BBC - X Files [site]
- TV Tome: The X-Files [site]
- IMDb: The X-Files [site]

Fan Fiction Chats and Forums
- Yahoo! Groups: X-files-fanfict [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Folie A Deux [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: RATales [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Xf-fanfic2 [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: ScullyLovesMulderfic... [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: MulderScullyfanfic... [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: XFShipperfic [site]
- Yahoo Groups!: Fanficx [site]
- The X-Files Lost and Founds Message ... [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Youthfic [site]

Characters Krycek, Alex
- The Silo [site]
- Society for the Protection of Alex K... [site]
- Raineys Virtual Krycek Clone Island... [site]
- FLAK - Fleur Loves Alex Krycek [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Ratboyfans [site]

Chats and Forums Mulder-Scully Relationship
- Yahoo! Groups: XFShippers [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: IcedTea [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: MSR4eva [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Shippers_etc [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Shipperzone [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Arsfx [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Sefamsrn [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Ubershippers [site]

Characters Mulder, Fox
- Did You See the Ring? [site]
- People for the Ethical Treatment of ... [site]
- You Never Draw My Bath [site]
- Yahoo Groups: Mulder [site]

- X-Files Shrine [site]
- Sounds of The X-Files [site]
- MODs In The Key of X [site]

Chats and Forums
- MulderTortureAnonymous [site]
- Community Zero: X-Files [site]
- Chatphiles [site]
- Spookys X-Files and Mysteries Chat... [site]
- The X-Files UK Message Board [site]
- AleXas X-traordinary X-Files X-Cursi... [site]

- Mumbais X-Files [site]
- My Spiffy X-Files [site]

- Fox and Rat [site]

Articles and Interviews
- Salon: Mother ship [site]
- X-Files: Case Closed [site]
- Mike Quigleys X-Files Corner [site]
- Column: NCR Impulse Palpable in The ... [site]

- Sculders I Want to Believe [site]

- Trust Only One [site]

Characters Skinner, Walter
- Bitchs Gallery of Mitch [site]
- Surly Skinner Webring [site]

Characters Lone Gunmen, The
- Its Frohikes Baby [site]
- The Magic Bullet [site]

Cast and Crew
- The X-Files Cast and Characters [site]
- DDGAfans [site]

- Spookys RPG [site]

Articles and Interviews Reviews
- PopMatters: The X-Files 2000 [site]
- Sarah Stegalls X-Files Review Pages... [site]
- PopMatters: The X-Files [site]

Fan Fiction Writers Resources
- Beta Readers Circle [site]
- The Elements of Phyle [site]

Characters Spender, Jeffrey
- Yahoo! Groups: Spender Defenders [site]
- Yahoo! Groups: Spenderfic [site]

Characters Doggett and Scully
- The Love Shack [site]
- SHODDS Official Site 2003+ [site]
- The DSR Fanlisting: For The Dawgy Ki... [site]

Fan Fiction Poetry
- More Than Words... The X-Files Poetr... [site]
- RhymePhiles Romper Room [site]
- Yahoo! Webring: Spooky Poets Associa... [site]

Characters Relationships
- The OBSSE Fence [site]

- Jamalyns X-File Shrine [site]

Characters Fowley, Diana
- Anti-Fowley Mailing List [site]

Characters Cigarette Smoking Man
- The Black Lung Association [site]

Characters Opposing Views
- Noromo Values [site]
- Noromos at Random [site]

Characters Pendrell
- Agent Pendrell - Gone But Not Forgot... [site]
- The Pendrells [site]

- Completely Obsessed [site]

Characters Doggett, John
- Napoleons Battle Plan [site]
- Anti-Doggett [site]


- Its.Mine [site]
- Inside The X-Files [site]

Fan Fiction Relationships
- XRie Vision [site]

- Little Starbucks Shipper Harbor [site]
- Lauren and Brianas X-Files Insanity... [site]

Games Drinking Game
- Jaguars X-Files Homepage [site]

- Haven for the Xphile [site]
- Headquarters of the FBIs Most Unwant... [site]

- Blue Foxs X-Files Page [site]

Episode Guides MythArc
- The X-Files Timeline [site]




- Dans la Maison [site]

- Welcome to My Arcadia [site]






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