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Organizations Sports
- CU Karate Club [site]
- CU Real Tennis Club [site]
- CU Womens Cricket Club [site]
- CU Womens Ice Hockey Club [site]
- CU Cruising Club [site]
- CU Cycling Club [site]
- CU Fencing Club [site]
- CU Orienteering Club [site]
- CU Womens Rugby Football Club [site]
- CU Rifle Association [site]
- CU Bowmen [site]
- CU Trampoline Club [site]
- CU Volleyball Club [site]
- CU Table Tennis Club [site]
- CU Riding Club [site]
- CU Korfball Club [site]
- CU Lacrosse Club [site]
- CU Lifesaving Club [site]
- CU Mountaineering Club [site]
- CU Pool Club [site]
- CU Rambling Club [site]
- CU Kendo Society [site]
- CU Hockey Club [site]
- CU Hare and Hounds [site]
- Cambridge University Sport [site]
- CU Association Football Club [site]
- CU Canoe Club [site]
- CU Cricket Club [site]
- CU Gliding Club [site]
- The University Centre [site]
- University of Cambridge News [site]
- University of Cambridge Computing Se... [site]
- University of Cambridge A to Z [site]
- University of Cambridge [site]
- University Counselling Service [site]
- Disability Resource Centre [site]
- GROGGS [site]
- Media Guide to Expertise [site]
- Alumni and Fundraising [site]
- University Search [site]
- University of Cambridge Official Map... [site]
- The Cambridge Society [site]
- Research Services Division [site]
- Cambridge University Reporter [site]
- Cambridge Science Festival [site]
- Finding People [site]
- News and Events [site]

Organizations Alumni
- Oxford and Cambridge Society of Sing... [site]
- Cambridge & Oxford Societies of ... [site]
- Oxford and Cambridge Society, Karach... [site]
- Oxford and Cambridge Society of Vanc... [site]
- German Cambridge Society [site]
- Friends of Cambridge University in H... [site]
- Cambridge Alumni Group - Denmark &am... [site]
- Cambridge & Oxford Society, Toky... [site]

Organizations Performing Arts
- Cambridge Rock Society [site]
- CU Chamber Choir [site]
- CU Gilbert and Sullivan Society [site]
- CU Jazz Orchestra [site]
- Isis [site]
- The Round [site]
- CU Fitz Swing Band [site]
- CU Light Entertainment Society [site]
- CU Brass Band [site]
- Casa Del Funk [site]
- Amateur Dramatic Club [site]
- Cambridge Dancers Club [site]
- Cambridge Revelation Rock-Gospel Cho... [site]
- CU Ceilidh Band [site]
- ADC Theatre [site]
- CU Lion Dance Troupe [site]
- CU Symphony Orchestra [site]
- University of Cambridge Concert Band... [site]
- University of Cambridge Philharmonic... [site]
- CU Musical Society [site]

Organizations Academic
- The Archimedeans [site]
- CU Scientific Society [site]
- CU Law Society [site]
- Clio [site]
- CU Engineering Society [site]
- CU Astronomical Society [site]
- CHaOS [site]
- Cambridge Archaeological Field Club... [site]
- CU Medical Society [site]
- CU Model United Nations [site]
- CU Veterinary Society [site]
- CU Science Productions [site]
- CU Physics Society [site]

- The Cambridge Union Society [site]
- The Cambridge Student (TCS) [site]
- Gown Magazine [site]
- CU Graduates Database [site]
- The Graduate Union [site]
- Varsity Online [site]
- Student-Run Computing Facility [site]
- [site]
- Graduate Dining Society [site]
- CUSU Womens Union [site]
- CUSU Ents [site]
- CU Wine Society [site]
- CU Scout and Guide Club [site]
- CU Duke of Edinburgh Society [site]
- Cambridge University Students Union... [site]
- CU Asia Law and Business Association... [site]

Organizations Social and Cultural
- CU Finnish Society [site]
- CUSU International [site]
- Hong Kong and China Affairs Society... [site]
- Welcome International Students of Ca... [site]
- Anglo-Japanese Society [site]
- ABACUS [site]
- CU Thai Society [site]
- Cambridge Canadian Club [site]
- Christmas College, Cambridge [site]
- CU Chinese Cultural Society [site]
- CU Chinese Society [site]
- CU European Union Society [site]
- CU German Society [site]

Organizations Hobbies and Games
- CU Table Football Society [site]
- Cambridge University Laserquest Soci... [site]
- CU Quiz Society [site]
- CU Science Fiction Society [site]
- CU Diplomacy Society [site]
- The Assassins Guild [site]
- Phocus - CU Photography Society [site]
- Hands On - CU Massage Society [site]
- CU Jugglers Association [site]
- CU Chess Club [site]
- CineCam [site]

Libraries and Museums
- The Fitzwilliam Museum [site]
- New Hall - Womens Art Collection [site]
- Moore Library [site]
- Museum of Classical Archaeology [site]
- Scott Polar Research Institute Museu... [site]
- Whipple Museum of the History of Sci... [site]
- Libraries Directory [site]
- Libraries and Museums Directory [site]
- Cambridge University Library [site]
- Botanic Garden [site]

Organizations Religious
- Joshua Fellowship [site]
- Cambridge Methsoc [site]
- CU Buddhist Society [site]
- Fisher House [site]
- CU Baháí Society [site]
- CU Christian Orthodox Society [site]
- CU Hindu Cultural Society [site]
- CU Humanism Society [site]
- CU Jewish Society [site]
- CU Sikh Society [site]
- Christians in Unity in Cambridge [site]
- Cambridge Chinese Christian Fellowsh... [site]
- Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian... [site]

- Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutio... [site]
- Coastal Research Unit [site]
- African Studies Centre [site]
- Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit... [site]
- European Ozone Research Coordinating... [site]

Organizations Charitable and Campaigns
- Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq... [site]
- CUSU LesBiGay Campaign [site]
- CUSU Green [site]
- CU Rag Appeal [site]
- CU Labour Club [site]
- CU First Aid Society [site]
- CU Conservative Association [site]
- Cambridge Students Against the War... [site]
- Contact [site]

Research School of the Physical Sciences
- Biological and Soft Systems [site]
- High Energy Physics Group [site]
- Cavendish Astrophysics Group [site]
- Institute of Astronomy [site]
- Isaac Newton Institute for Mathemati... [site]
- Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synt... [site]
- Scott Polar Research Institute [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Trinity College Ultimate Frisbee [site]
- First and Third Trinity Boat Club... [site]
- Trinity College Staff Club [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Emmanuel Boat Club [site]
- Emmanuel College Photographic Societ... [site]
- Emmanuel College Music Society [site]
- Emmanuel College MCR [site]
- Emmanuel College Students Union [site]
- Emmanuel College Mountaineering Club... [site]
- Emmanuel College Assassins Guild [site]
- Emmanuel College AFC [site]
- Emmanuel Christian Union [site]
- Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society (R... [site]

Departments and Programs School of the Physical Sciences
- School of the Physical Sciences [site]
- Department of Geography [site]
- Department of Earth Sciences [site]
- Chemical Laboratory [site]

Departments and Programs School of Arts and Humanities
- Faculty of Music [site]
- Faculty of English [site]
- Faculty of Divinity [site]
- Faculty of Classics and Museum of Cl... [site]
- Department of History of Art [site]
- Faculty of Modern and Medieval Langu... [site]
- Faculty of Philosophy [site]
- Department of Architecture [site]
- Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, an... [site]

Departments and Programs School of the Humanities and Social Sci
- Department of History and Philosophy... [site]
- School of the Humanities and Social ... [site]
- Faculty of Education [site]
- Department of Archaeology [site]
- Department of Land Economy [site]
- Faculty of Economics and Politics... [site]
- Faculty of History [site]
- Faculty of Law [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Caius Boat Club [site]
- Caius MCR [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Choir [site]
- Boat Club [site]
- Christs College Music Society [site]
- Amateur Dramatics Society [site]

Departments and Programs School of the Biological Sciences
- Department of Genetics [site]
- Department of Pharmacology [site]
- Department of Physiology, Developmen... [site]
- Department of Pathology [site]
- Department of Clinical Veterinary Me... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Debating Society [site]
- Scientific Society [site]
- MCR Film Society [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Pembroke Players [site]
- The Stokes Society [site]
- The Pembroke College Winnie-The-Pooh... [site]
- Pembroke House [site]
- Pembroke College Junior Parlour [site]
- Pembroke College Christian Union [site]

Colleges Christs College
- Wikipedia: Christs College, Cambridg... [site]
- Christs College [site]

Theological Colleges
- Cambridge Theological Federation [site]

Research Computer Laboratory
- Natural Language and Information Pro... [site]
- Automated Reasoning Group [site]
- Computer Security Group [site]
- Rainbow Group [site]
- Theory and Semantics Group [site]

Colleges Emmanuel College
- Wikipedia: Emmanuel College, Cambrid... [site]
- Cambridge 2000: Emmanuel College [site]
- Emmanuel College Map [site]
- Emmanuel College Library [site]
- Emmanuel College Computer Resource P... [site]
- Emmanuel College Chapel [site]
- Emmanuel College [site]
- Conference Information [site]

Colleges Churchill College
- Wikipedia: Churchill College, Cambri... [site]
- Conferences at Churchill College [site]
- Churchill Archives Centre [site]
- Alumni relations at Churchill Colleg... [site]
- Churchill College [site]
- Churchill College Library [site]
- Churchill College Computing [site]

Departments and Programs School of Clinical Medicine

Colleges Organizations
- St Johns Film Society [site]
- St Johns College Computer Science So... [site]
- St Johns College Christian Union [site]
- St Johns College Chapel and Choir... [site]
- Jazz at Johns [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Queens Ents [site]
- Boars Head Boat Club [site]
- Queens College Boat Club [site]
- Queens College Old Boys Hockey Club... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Robinson College Film Society [site]

Organizations Rowing
- Cambridge University Combined Boat C... [site]
- Cambridge University Lightweight Row... [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Admissions Information [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Churchi... [site]
- Churchill College [site]

Colleges Organizations
- The Fitz Swing Band [site]
- Fitzwilliam College Christian Union... [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Trinity... [site]
- Graduate Admissions [site]
- Undergraduate Admissions [site]
- Undergraduate Prospectus: Trinity Co... [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Christs... [site]
- Christs College [site]

Colleges Organizations
- St Caharines MCR [site]
- St Catharines College Christian Unio... [site]
- St Catharines JCR [site]
- St. Catharines College Boat Club [site]
- The Shirley Society [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Corpus JCR [site]
- Corpus Christi College MCR [site]
- Corpus Christi College Pictures [site]

Colleges Organizations
- The Heywood Society [site]
- Peterhouse Boat Club [site]
- Peterhouse JCR [site]

Colleges Fitzwilliam College
- Wikipedia: Fitzwilliam College, Camb... [site]

Colleges Trinity College
- Trinity College [site]
- Trinity College - Contacts Directory... [site]
- Trinity College Library [site]
- Wikipedia: Trinity College, Cambridg... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Clare College Choir [site]
- Union of Clare Students [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Jesus College Network (JCN) [site]
- Jesus College Music Society [site]
- Jesus College Boat Club [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Kings College [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Kings C... [site]

Colleges Pembroke College

Colleges Organizations
- Selwyn College Chapel Choir [site]

- Graduate Admissions [site]
- Undergraduate Applications [site]

Departments and Programs School of Technology

Colleges Admissions
- Applying to Downing [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Downing... [site]
- Downing College (Cambridge Universit... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Magdalene Musical Production Society... [site]
- Magdalene College MCR [site]
- Magdalene College JCR [site]
- Magdalene Boat Club [site]

Departments and Programs
- University of Cambridge Language Cen... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Trinity Hall JCR [site]
- Trinity Hall Ents [site]

Departments and Programs Computer Laboratory
- Computer Laboratory [site]
- Lecture Quotes [rec.humor.funny] [site]

Colleges Downing College
- Downing College [site]
- Downing College JCR [site]
- Wikipedia: Downing College, Cambridg... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Kings College Graduate Society [site]
- Kings College Boat Club [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Informa... [site]
- Queens College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Informa... [site]
- Pembroke College [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Danby Society [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Girton College [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Girton ... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Sidney Sussex College Chapel Choir... [site]
- Sidney Sussex Boat Club [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Girton College Boat Club [site]
- Girton College MCR [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Emmanuel College [site]
- Emmanuel College Admissions [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Emmanue... [site]

- University of Cambridge: The College... [site]

Research School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
- The McDonald Institute for Archaeolo... [site]

Colleges Clare College
- Clare May Ball [site]
- CLAREification [site]
- Clare College [site]

Colleges St. Johns College
- Wikipedia: St. Johns College, Cambri... [site]
- St Johns College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: St Edmu... [site]
- St Edmundss College [site]

Colleges St. Edmunds College

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: St Cath... [site]
- St Catharines College [site]

Colleges Trinity Hall
- [site]
- Trinity Hall [site]

Colleges Organizations
- New Hall Boat Club [site]
- New Hall JCR [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: St John... [site]
- St Johns College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Sidney ... [site]
- Sidney Sussex College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Selwyn ... [site]
- Selwyn College [site]

Research School of Arts and Humanities

Research School of the Biological Sciences
- Gurdon Institute of Cancer and Devel... [site]
- Centre for Speech and Language [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Newnham... [site]
- Newnham College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: New Hal... [site]
- New Hall [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Magdale... [site]
- Magdalene College [site]

Colleges Peterhouse
- Peterhouse [site]

Colleges Queens College
- Queens College [site]
- Queens Courtiers [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Robinso... [site]
- Robinson College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Informa... [site]
- Peterhouse [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Lucy Ca... [site]
- Lucy Cavendish College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Wolfson... [site]
- Wolfson College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Trinity... [site]
- Trinity Hall [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Hughes ... [site]
- Hughes Hall [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Jesus C... [site]
- Jesus College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Fitzwilliam College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Corpus Christi College [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Corpus ... [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Clare Hall Boat Club [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Homerton College [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Homerto... [site]

Colleges Jesus College
- Jesus College [site]

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Gonvill... [site]
- Gonville and Caius College [site]

Colleges Organizations

Colleges Admissions
- Clare College [site]
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Clare C... [site]

Colleges Girton College
- Wikipedia: Girton College, Cambridge... [site]
- Girton College [site]

Colleges Clare Hall

Colleges Admissions
- Graduate Studies Prospectus: Clare H... [site]

Colleges Darwin College

Colleges Admissions

Colleges Corpus Christi College
- Corpus Christi College [site]

Research School of Clinical Medicine

Research School of Technology

Colleges Organizations
- HCCU [site]

Colleges Selwyn College
- Selwyn College [site]

Colleges Robinson College
- Robinson College [site]

Colleges Hughes Hall
- Hughes Hall [site]

Colleges St. Catharines College

Colleges Sidney Sussex College
- Sidney Sussex College [site]

Colleges Homerton College
- Homerton College [site]

Colleges New Hall
- New Hall [site]

Colleges Newnham College
- Newnham College [site]

Colleges Magdalene College
- Magdalene College [site]

Colleges Kings College
- Kings College [site]

Colleges Lucy Cavendish College
- Lucy Cavendish College [site]

Colleges Gonville and Caius College
- Gonville and Caius College [site]

Colleges Organizations
- Wolfson College Boat Club [site]

Colleges Wolfson College
- Wolfson College [site]

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