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Tramways and LRT
- StockTramway [site]
- Swetramway [site]
- The Amsterdam Channel: Trams [site]
- Trams International [site]
- Light Rail Transit Association [site]
- Midland Metro [site]
- Tram Ride [site]
- Tramways.com [site]
- World Tram [site]

Products and Services
- Wayfarer Transit Systems Ltd. [site]
- Global City Management [site]
- Aeromovel USA [site]
- Ian Catling Consultancy [site]
- Mikroelektronika [site]
- Trapeze Software Group [site]

Regional California
- San Diego Metropolitan Transit Syste... [site]
- Metrolink [site]
- Big Blue Bus [site]
- Alameda - Contra Costa Transit Distr... [site]
- San Francisco Municipal Railway [site]
- Alameda Corridor Transportation Auth... [site]
- Bay Area Rapid Transit [site]
- Foothill Transit [site]
- Los Angeles County Metropolitan Tran... [site]
- Los Angeles Department of Transporta... [site]
- Riverside Transit Agency [site]
- Sacramento Regional Transit [site]

Regional Canada
- City of Regina Transit [site]
- Montreal by Metro [site]
- OC Transpo [site]
- Metrobus [site]
- GO Transit [site]
- Hamilton Street Railway [site]
- Societe de transport de Montreal (ST... [site]
- VIA Rail Canada [site]
- Accessible Pedestrian Signals [site]
- Connex [site]
- Control Specialists Company [site]
- Introduction to Transit Operations P... [site]
- National Transit Database Project... [site]
- Signalbau Huber [site]
- Taxitronic [site]

Regional Connecticut
- APTA: Connecticut Transit [site]
- Connecticut Transit [site]

Subways Cities
- STM: Montréal Métro [site]
- Metro Bilbao [site]
- CityRail [site]
- Metro Bilbao News [site]
- Naples Metro System [site]
- Tyne and Wear Metro [site]
- Umkas Subway Maps [site]
- Vienna Subway/Metro [site]

Regional United States
- American Public Transit Association... [site]
- Metro-North Railroad [site]
- Federal Transit Administration [site]
- South West Transit Association [site]

Regional Ohio
- Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Auth... [site]
- Central Ohio Transit Authority [site]
- Greater Cleveland Regional Transit A... [site]
- Laketran [site]
- Ohio State University: Campus Area B... [site]

Subways New York City
- Abandoned Stations [site]
- New York Underground [site]
- NYC Subway Resources [site]
- NYSubway.com [site]
- The New York Subway System [site]

Regional Pennsylvania
- Westmoreland County Transit Authorit... [site]

Regional New Hampshire
- Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Tr... [site]
- APTA: New Hampshire Transit [site]

Regional New York
- New York Waterway [site]
- Niagara Frontier Transportation Auth... [site]
- Westchester County Transportation... [site]

Regional United Kingdom
- Travel Midland Metro [site]
- Tramdev [site]

Regional Massachusetts
- Massachusetts Bay Transportation Aut... [site]
- APTA: Massachusetts Transit [site]
- New England Transit [site]

Subways Washington, DC
- NYCSubway.org: Washington D.C. Trans... [site]
- Building the Washington Metro [site]
- Washington, D. C. [site]

Regional Tennessee
- Nashville MTA [site]
- APTA: Tennessee Transit [site]
- Memphis Area Transit Authority [site]
- ETHRA Public Transit [site]

Regional Kansas

Regional Finland

Regional Michigan
- APTA: Michigan Transit [site]

Regional Wyoming
- Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit... [site]
- Wyoming Transit [site]

- Metro Bits [site]
- The Subway Page [site]

Regional Washington
- Sounder [site]

Regional Colorado
- City of Littleton Omnibus Program... [site]
- Lakewood: Lakewood Rides [site]
- Denver Regional Transportation Distr... [site]

Regional Florida
- Central Florida Regional Transportat... [site]
- HARTline [site]
- Palm Tran Home Page [site]

Regional Maine
- APTA: Maine Transit [site]

Regional Mississippi
- APTA: Mississippi Local and State Tr... [site]

Regional Arizona
- Transit Services - City of Tempe [site]
- Sun Tran [site]
- Valley Metro [site]

Regional Nebraska

Regional Montana

Regional South Carolina
- APTA: South Carolina Transit [site]

Regional Maryland
- Maryland Mass Transit Administration... [site]
- APTA: Maryland Transit [site]

Regional Utah
- APTA: Utah Transit [site]

Regional Oceania
- Forest Coach Lines [site]

Regional Iowa

Regional Georgia
- Gwinnett County Transit [site]
- Georgia Transit [site]
- Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit A... [site]

Regional Texas
- VIA Metropolitan Transit [site]
- APTA: Texas Transit [site]
- Beaumont Municipal Transit System... [site]
- Dallas Area Rapid Transit [site]
- Light Rail Now [site]

Regional Illinois
- Chicago Transit Authority [site]
- Pace Suburban Bus Service [site]
- MetraRail - Chicago [site]
- North Indiana Commuter Transit Distr... [site]

Regional Minnesota
- APTA: Minnesota Transit [site]
- Metro Transit [site]
- Northstar Corridor [site]

Regional Delaware
- DART First State [site]
- APTA: Delaware Transit [site]

Regional Kentucky
- Transit Authority of Northern Kentuc... [site]
- Transit Authority of River City [site]

Regional North Carolina
- APTA: North Carolina Transit [site]

Regional Asia
- MTR Corporation Limited [site]

Regional Germany
- Public Transport and Traffic in Berl... [site]

Regional Ireland
- Dublin Bus [site]

Regional Oregon
- Tri-Met [site]

Subways Paris
- RATP [site]
- Closed Stations [site]
- Paris Pages [site]

Regional North Dakota

Regional Russia
- St. Petersburg at Your Fingertips: G... [site]
- Moscow Tramway [site]

Regional Czech Republic
- Dopravní Podnik [site]

Regional Nevada

Regional Alabama
- Tiger Transit Home Page [site]

Regional Switzerland

Regional Rhode Island
- APTA: Rhode Island Transit [site]
- Rhode Island Public Transit Authorit... [site]

Regional North America

Regional South Dakota
- APTA: South Dakota Transit [site]

Regional Oklahoma
- Metro Transit [site]
- Tulsa Transit [site]

Regional South America
- Electric Transport in Latin America... [site]

Regional Wisconsin
- Wisconsin Transit [site]

Regional Vermont
- Marble Valley Regional Transit Distr... [site]
- Vermont Transit [site]

Regional Virginia
- Greater Richmond Transit Company [site]
- Virginia Transit [site]

Regional Washington, DC
- District of Columbia Transit [site]
- Washington Metropolitan Area Transit... [site]

Regional West Virginia
- West Virginia Transit [site]

Regional Spain

Regional Sweden

Regional Alaska
- Alaska Transit [site]

Regional Arkansas
- Central Arkansas Transit Authority... [site]

Regional Portugal
- Metro do Porto [site]


Regional Europe

Regional Italy

Regional Louisiana

Regional Missouri
- APTA: Missouri Transit [site]
- Saint Louis Regional Transit [site]

Regional New Jersey

Regional Hawaii

Regional Idaho

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